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Cleveland's Gospel Music

Cleveland's Gospel Music


Frederick Burton



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Arcadia Publishing

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Book Description:

Cleveland's Gospel Music documents the history of black gospel music from the 1920s through the 1980s. The gospel quartet groups, radio announcers, solo artists, and promoters established Cleveland as the gospel singers' metropolitan hub. An integral part of Cleveland's history and its rich African-American community, gospel singers didn't sing for money or fame, but sang to the glory of God, often beyond the point of exhaustion. This work is a celebration of the past praises of those who sang tirelessly for some 60 years.

Author Bio: Frederick Burton is a talented artist, musician, songwriter, and composer, whose life has been greatly influenced by these gospel quartet pioneers. Migrating from Chattanooga to Cleveland with his parents in 1965, Burton has spent the better part of his life singing and living among the gospel singers that he came to know, respect, and admire. His unquenchable thirst for gospel music and its history and evolution led him to tell the story of gospel music in Cleveland in this volume of Arcadia's Black America series.

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