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Napa County Police

Napa County Police


Todd L. Shulman, Napa Police Historical Society



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Arcadia Publishing

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The story of organized law enforcement in Napa County begins with the very first meeting of the board of supervisors in 1850 and the appointment of a county sheriff and marshals for each township. The foundations for progress and prosperity in place, Napa County grew from a remote agricultural outpost to the preeminent wine-growing region in the United States and a booming tourist destination—and policing has kept pace. Today, in addition to the Napa Sheriff’s Department, the county is protected by the California Highway Patrol and three police departments: Napa, St. Helena, and Calistoga. Specialized police agencies have also grown out of unique needs, including the Napa State Hospital Police, Railroad Police, and Community College Police.

Author Bio: Author Todd L. Shulman is a seven-year member of the Napa Police Department, currently serving as a detective. An avid historian, Shulman founded the Napa Police Historical Society in 2006 and has culled their archives for many of the photographs included in the book. With dazzling vintage imagery and rich historical text, Shulman tells the tale of policing Napa County, from the Wild West days of the 1850s, through the boom era of the 1940s, and into the 21st century.

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