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San Francisco Landmarks

San Francisco Landmarks


Catherine Accardi



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Arcadia Publishing

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San Francisco is one of the most recognized and beloved cities in the United States, brilliantly illustrated through a visual history of 493 designated local, state, and national landmarks. San Francisco’s attributes speak to us through stunning topography, the arts, and a unique array of architectural styles. The city inherited the imprint left by the Spanish with Mission Dolores, by the Gold Rush with Jackson Square, and by 20th-century entrepreneurs with the Bank of Italy. The period from the 1920s to 1950s brought a growing cosmopolitan metropolis with such landmarks as the Mark Hopkins Hotel and the Golden Gate Bridge. Residents and visitors want to know why there is a monument in the neighborhood park and why the delightful Victorians next door have a historic plaque by their front steps. Each landmark embodies the characteristics of the surrounding community and the history of the “City by the Bay.”

Author Bio: In Images of America: San Francisco Landmarks, San Francisco native Catherine Accardi presents a remarkable collection of vintage photographs of the city’s officially designated landmarks. These distinctive images have been gathered from local photographic collections and library archives, including the San Francisco Public Library History Center and the J.B. Monaco collection.

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