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Cotuit and Santuit

Cotuit and Santuit


James W. Gould, Jessica Rapp Grassetti



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Arcadia Publishing

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Book Description:

Cotuit, a name derived from a Native American word meaning "place of the council," has a rich history that predates Colonial times and includes continuous Native American habitation. Paired with Santuit on the south shore of Cape Cod and warmed by the Gulf Stream, Cotuit has long been a favorite summer resort and was home to Cape Cod's first hotel. Its greatest attraction has always been the sweet Cotuit oysters, which are shipped to the best shellfish bars in the country. This quiet and unspoiled New England village, once a refuge for pirates, deepwater sailors, and coastal traders, hold secrets that are told only in Cotuit and Santuit. They are home to such people as Henry Adams, whose courtship took place here; the Cape Cod Commandos; a pioneer whistle-blower fighting against environmental pollution; and the witch Hannah Screecham, who guarded Captain Kidd's treasure. Cotuit and Santuit reveals the adventures of the Holy Ghost Festival, the baby brought home from the Pacific whaling grounds in a cask of rum, and the trek over the Arctic Ocean across thirty miles of ice.

Author Bio: Authors James W. Gould, professor emeritus of history and international relations, who has published books on maritime history since 1956, and Jessica Rapp Grassetti, a historic preservation expert who has an intimate knowledge of the photographs in this collection, share their love of local history with this publication. Both have been leaders of the Historical Society of Santuit and Cotuit, an organization that has been preserving local history since 1954. The society maintains an early-nineteenth-century homestead and museum, which includes a vintage fire engine, gift shop, and archives.

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