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Detroit: City of Champions

Detroit: City of Champions


David Lee Poremba



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Arcadia Publishing

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200 Black and White

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Book Description:

Professional sports have played an important part in the history of the people and the City of Detroit since the turn of the century. Detroit sports teams have given the city a unique identity and provided the means to gain both a sense of community pride and a unity of spirit. At no other time was this more evident than during the decades from the 1920s through the 1950s, when Detroit teams rose consistently to the top of their individual professions. In 1935, the three professional sports teams in Detroit accomplished a remarkable feat by each winning their respective league titles and going on to capture the World Championships of baseball, football, and hockey, earning for the City of Detroit the honored sobriquet of “City of Champions.” Here began a close and lasting relationship between Detroit sports teams and their fans.

Author Bio: In Detroit: City of Champions, author David Lee Poremba takes us on a fascinating journey through the use of over 200 historic photographs, allowing us a glimpse into the
glorious sports tradition that has helped characterize Detroit. This volume is a celebration of a golden era in professional sports in Detroit and a record of the contribution that the people and the City have made to sports history.

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