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Collierville: Now in Paperback!
By Memphis Flyer Staff Writer   - 03/19/2007

Memphis Flyer

It was once a stagecoach rest stop, then it was a railway stop. It was once on the other side of the Tennessee state line.

Major General William Tecumseh Sherman escaped capture there, and after the Civil War, its "public square" housed a deer and peacocks inside a white picket fence.

We're talking about Collierville (once known as "The Town of Collier," then "Colliersville," then "Oak Grove"), and in 1858 the population was around 250. Today, the population is more than 42,000.

And now it's also Collierville, a new title in Arcadia Publishing's popular "Images of America" series a collection of historical photographs (roughly 200 in all), edited by Laura Todd, executive director of Main Street Collierville, an organization dedicated to preserving the heart of the town: its town square.

One of the book's earliest images of the square shows cattle being driven through the middle of town, and an image as recently as 1948 shows mules and horses tied to the hitching rails off Main Street. Other chapters in the book focus on photos of townspeople, churches, schools, businesses, and prominent homes.

Included in the photos (and in the image that graces the cover of Collierville): the queen and her court atop a parade float, and no, it isn't Collierville's answer to Memphis' Cotton Carnival. It's Collierville's once annual salute to one of the town's big industries (the dairy business) and to a Southern staple (hoop cheese).

Here's to remembering the Cheese Carnival! And here's to Collierville, in paperback for $19.99; available at area bookstores, independent retailers, online bookstores, or through Arcadia Publishing.

Collierville history lives in photo book
By Tom Bailey Jr.   - 02/10/2007

Commercial Appeal

More Info on This Book: Collierville

A 1939 image of beauty queens of the old Cheese Festival, which promoted the local dairy industry.

Photos of the straightforward neon sign of the long-gone White Cafe: "Cafe: Steaks Chops Chicken."

Family photos involving some of the oldest lineages in town: Cox, Cartwright, Hart, Leake, McGinnis, Humphreys, Mann, Waddy.

An image of cattle herded through downtown.

These are among the scores of black-and-white photos in a new photo-history book called "Images of America: Collierville."

The 127-page paperback was compiled by Main Street Collierville and just published by Arcadia Publishing, which specializes in local or regional history.

The sale of the $19.99 book will be a fund-raiser for Main Street Collierville.

The nonprofit organization works to promote and preserve the Town Square.

The book project has been in the works since 2003, when

Main Street asked citizens to share their old photos.

"We got over 200 photos," said Laura Todd, Main Street's executive director.

Nancy Bassett, then a Main Street board member, chaired the book committee.

"It was a big undertaking, a labor of love," Todd recalled.

The photographs are divided into chapters: Town Square; Townspeople; Sacred Places; Places of Learning; Places of Work; Architecture; and Treasures Lost.

The writing comprises only a one-page introduction, photo captions and a two-page timeline of town event ranging from 1800 ("State Line Road ((Poplar Avenue)) is the southern boundary of the state) to 1956 (Collierville Library begun, sponsored by Collierville Contemporary Club.'')

But the captions effectively convey lots of background, context and identification.

The book will be available at area bookstores, Main Street

Collierville in the depot on Town Squares, some shops around town, and through Arcadia Publishing (888-313-2665 or arcadiapublishing.com)

Photo history book release set

Main Street Collierville will host a Founder's Day Coffee at 9 a.m. Friday at the historic train depot, 125 N. Rowlett, on Town Square. The event will celebrate the town's incorporation on Feb. 17, 1870, and the release of Main Street Collierville's photo history book, "Images of America: Collierville."

Buy It Now: Collierville $21.99

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