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Local Author Publishes Book Rich in Area History
By Jennifer Baker-Kilbury   - 08/28/2007

Huron Hometown News

More Info on This Book: Castalia, Cold Creek, and the Blue Hole

Glenn C. Kuebeler, local historian, collector and Huron resident, has published a new photographic history book including postcard images from the Cold Water Creek area. "Castalia, Cold Creek, and the Blue Hole" was published earlier this year and is available for purchase.

"Castalia, Cold Creek, and the Blue Hole" is a fantastic postcard history book pictorially featuring the many uses and benefits of the subterranean water system under Huron and Erie counties. The gallons of pure crystal clear water come to the surface from natural springs at the Castalia Springs and the famous Blue Hole. In the early 1800's the water had been redirected to power gristmills, lumber mills, flour mills and paper mills in and around Venice. Rich farm land was formed by this; along with the fast moving waters of Cold Creek was a favorable environment for game trout and finally piping the water toward Sandusky for brewing Crystal Rock beer. This book captures full circle the many uses of the Cold Creek through images of area trout fishing clubs, the author's Crystal Rock beer memorabilia, some early 1900s images of Ernst Niebergall of Sandusky and paintings by local artists Ralph Rebbutt, Elmer Grahl and Robert Lorenz. "Castalia, Cold Creek and the Blue Hole" is a book rich in history that demonstrates the natural beauty and many practical uses of the subterranean water system.

"Kuebeler has dedicated his book "to the Firelands Postcard Club, the Erie County Historical Society and the many local area historians who have collected, preserved and documented (their) rich history."

Kuebeler retired from the Hercules Power Company as a chemical engineer in 1994. After traveling back to the Sandusky area every summer upon retirement he and his wife decided to purchase a condo in Huron. Kuebeler's strong ties to the Sandusky area history are partially due to growing up in Castalia as well as completing research on his German family ties to the Jacob Kuebeler & Company brewery in Sandusky. While spending his summers in Huron, Kuebeler continues to complete historical research, family genealogy and collecting brewery memorabilia. In his free time he enjoys traveling, home maintenance, golf, collecting, research and interacting with family members and fellow collectors.

Kuebeler is currently a member of 16 historical, genealogical and collector organizations and is actively involved in giving presentations on local history. During the summer months Kuebeler is involved with the Huron Historical Society, Erie County Historical Society, Heritage Society of Erie County, the Firelands Historical Society, Berlin Heights Historical Society, Erie County Genealogical Society, and the Firelands Postcard Club. The Firelands Postcard Club was organized by him in 2001 and he led for several years.

"My main research activities have been the Kuebeler- Stang Breweries in Sandusky since about 1968. Kuebeler Brewery was established (1869 to 1920) by my ancestors from Germany" stated Kuebeler. While studying the Kuebeler Genealogy many of trips had taken place to visit Germany and to meet cousins and search for family data. "I have been collecting local memorabilia (souvenirs, advertising items, postcards, etc.) for over 40 years. These are things that I exhibit at the Erie County Fair. I have made numerous presentations to local organizations. Summers are spent doing research at the various libraries, meeting people to collect information, searching for collectibles at garage sales/ flea markets/ antique shows."

As for the future Kuebeler has no big projects on the near term horizon. Eventually he hopes to write detailed histories on the Sandusky Breweries/Wineries and the Kuebeler Family as well as he is considering doing another local history-photo book for Arcadia.

For more information about "Castalia, Cold Creek, and the Blue Hole" visit www.arcadiapublishing.com

The Book is available at: Sawmill Creek Gift Shops, Waldens at Sandusky Mall, the Maritime Museum in Sandusky, Merry Go Round Museum, Red Raven Bookstore in Sandusky, Inland Seas Museum in Vermilion, Clouds Antique Mall in Castalia, Castalia Flower Shop and can be purchased directly from the author.

Kuebeler will be doing a presentation on his book at the Elder College at BGSU Firelands Campus on November 6 from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

Buy It Now: Castalia, Cold Creek, and the Blue Hole $19.99

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