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Developing the Atomic Bomb: A Look Inside the Country’s Most Devastating Weapon
In August, 1945, the war in Europe was finally drawing to a close. Now, American forces were focusing their attention on the battle in the Pacific Ocean. After years of bloodshed, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave permission to American scientists to begin the Manhattan Project. Here, we’re looking back at the pivotal moments, key players, and the public’s response to the development of the atomic bombs.
7 Historic American Music Festivals
Since the 1960s, music festivals in American have been a place for music lovers to gather for daily live concerts performed by their favorite artists. While there are thousands of music festivals in the United States today, we’ve selected seven to highlight here that are among the most historic music festivals in the country. 
Author Spotlight: Ray Bradbury
Born in 1920, Ray Bradbury is one of the biggest names in American science-fiction. The author of over 300 stories, Bradbury revolutionized the sci-fi genre with his dystopic fiction, including the well-known Fahrenheit 451. In honor of his August birthday, we’re taking a look at some of the places that helped create a giant in the world of American literature!
Saving Lives in Seattle: The Story of Medic One
In Seattle, emergency medicine was forever changed with the founding of Medic One, a paramedic service dedicated to improving people’s health before they even reached the ER. Seattle's Medic One: How We Don't Die divulges the history of this revolutionary foundation – read on for a sneak peek of the book, out Monday, August 5!
The Mysterious Amelia Earhart
What happened to Amelia Earhart when she vanished over the Pacific Ocean in 1937? We’re diving into the moments that led up to her disappearance and modern day theories about the fate of the pilot. 
7 Famous Must-See American Skyscrapers
Skyscrapers have captured the minds of Americans for decades with their stunning architecture and seemingly impossibility height. These are 7 skyscrapers that you’ve got to check out.