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The Man Behind the Boeing Name
William E. “Bill” Boeing (1881-1956) dropped out of Yale after his third year in 1903 because he sensed an opportunity to make money. Wilhelm Bӧing, an enterprising German immigrant, was a wealthy timber and mining barren who died of influenza at the age of 40 in 1890 leaving vast acreage of rain-drenched Western Washington coastal virgin timber to his only son, William.
Omaha Beach Then and Today: Remembering D-Day
Some dates are burned into the American memory because of historical significance. For instance, we can’t reference July 4th without instantly thinking of our nation’s birth. We can’t see the date September 11th and not remember the terrible tragedies that occurred that day in 2001.
​The Enduring Legacy of Juneteenth: Life After Emancipation
We all observe Martin Luther King Day and express our gratitude for Dr. King’s incredible accomplishments with a day of service. We also recognize Black History Month as a great opportunity to celebrate the monumental accomplishments of African American leaders, activists and visionaries. However, few people think about Juneteenth as a day to commemorate.
The First American Car Race
  The amount of engineering, time, and funding put into the racecars we know today is incredible. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a multi-million dollar organiz...
5 Renowned American Composers
Composers are the names behind the most iconic tunes however, the chances are good you might not know most of their names. Here are five musicians who left their mark on the field.
5 Famous Outlaws of the Old West
As some of the most feared men in the American West, these outlaws will forever be known for their crimes. Here are 5 of the most famous criminals from the old west.