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Private Clubs of Seattle
Seattle’s private clubs, most of which continue to serve their members today over 100 years after their founding, were all established within walking distance of each other downtown. The University Club, College Club, Rainier Club, and Arctic Club were social outlets for privi...
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South Carolina
Lando is tucked away in eastern Chester County, along the flood plains of Fishing Creek. The quiet community has existed for more than 240 years. Originally settled by yeoman Phillip Walker, who established a plantation, gristmill, and sawmill, Lando became home to Manetta Mil...
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Nestled among the rolling hills of southern Boone County, Walton and Verona have existed side by side since the early 19th century. Walton’s first post office, known as Gaines Crossroads, was established in 1815 and named after the Abner Gaines family that owned most of the la...
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Mount Lowe
Tucked away in Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains, the Mount Lowe Railway was an internationally renowned tourist destination, serving nearly four million passengers between 1893 and 1936. Few riders of “The Railway to the Clouds” are around to relate their experience...
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University of Wisconsin Basketball
The University of Wisconsin owns one of the greatest basketball histories in the United States. That is the bold claim author Dave Anderson makes—and backs up—in this stunning book. With fascinating photographs and compelling research, Anderson reveals the first golden era, 19...
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Jews of Morris County
New Jersey
Jewish settlers began arriving in Morris County as far back as the Civil War. These early Jews settled in Morristown, a market town; Dover, a mining town located on the Morris Canal; and the farming towns of Pine Brook and Mount Freedom. When each of these communities had 10 a...
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New York State National Guard
New York
Dedicated to the state's citizen soldiers, New York State National Guard reveals the sweeping vista of the often turbulent years from 1860 to 1960. This exciting history documents the faces, dress, and overall activity of New York's militia and National Guard with compelling i...
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Turner Station
In 1888, a passenger freight station was built by the Baltimore and Sparrows Point Railroad on land owned by Joshua J. Turner, a local businessman. The train stop was called Turner Station, and as the nearby community grew, it took on that name. The community’s first church, S...
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The Batesville Area
Early in the year 1999, a group of citizens became interested in forming an organization to collect and preserve the unique history of the town of Batesville and the surrounding area. A series of meetings were held to determine the extent of public interest. By May 10, 1999, t...
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In this survey of how Missoula has changed since the late 1800s, important historic sites in the city and environs are showcased in vintage and modern imagery. Using images from the K. Ross Toole Archives at the University of Montana, the Montana Historical Society, and Pictor...
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Alexandria Police Department
After constables and night watchmen had protected Alexandria, Virginia, for nearly 100 years, the Alexandria Police Department was officially organized on July 15, 1870. When the city authorized a formal police department, the board of police elected a captain, a lieutenant, a...
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Philadelphia: Historic Exteriors and Interiors
Philadelphia: Historic Exteriors and Interiors is a celebration of the city's architectural legacy. Vintage postcards document both the interiors and exteriors of some of Philadelphia's oldest and most well-known structures, including grandiose department stores, elegant resta...
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Situated on the New River, Radford has served as a gateway since its earliest days. Pioneers journeyed westward through the area along the Wilderness Road in the 1700s and 1800s, and the railroad made its way west in the 1850s, bringing about a boom in development. Today Radfo...
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Founded in 1896 and originally known as Coldwater, the town of Avondale was settled along the banks of the Agua Fria River under the leadership of William “Billy” Graham Moore, a former blacksmith who supposedly ran with the Civil War’s infamous Cantrell’s Raiders. Moore opera...
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Chicago's Forgotten Synagogues
The disappearing history of Chicago’s Jewish past can be found in the religious architecture of its stately synagogues and communal buildings. Whether modest or majestic, wood or stone, the buildings reflected their members’ views on faith and their commitment to the neighborh...
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Books 1 - 15 of 607 total