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Peabody Firefighting
The Peabody Fire Department was established in 1868, when the town changed its name from South Danvers to Peabody after one of its favorite sons: well-known philanthropist George Peabody. However, its long-standing history of being a first-class department dates farther back t...
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Broad Channel
New York
Broad Channel is considered a small town in the big city. From its houses perched on stilts over the waters of Jamaica Bay to pairs of mute swans swimming across the waters of a popular beach of yesteryear, it is hard to believe Broad Channel lies within the boundaries of New ...
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Latter-day Saints in Mesa
The city of Mesa initially began with a tiny colonizing expedition sent from Utah by leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1876. These devoted pioneers and others who followed faced an arduous trek, oppressive heat, and drought but persevered in their m...
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Mansfield Township, Burlington County
New Jersey
Mansfield Township was established as a constabulary in 1688 and became incorporated in 1798. It is one of the oldest townships in Burlington County. Made up of one town, Columbus, and the four villages of Hedding, Kinkora, Georgetown, and Mansfield Square, the township contin...
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Alameda County Fair
What began as a ranching family’s Sunday pastime of horse racing, with cheering crowds and thundering hooves on dusty roads, would give way to the Alameda County Fair that we know today. The Bernal family built the original racetrack in 1859 on their 52,000-acre ranch, which w...
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Woodbrook Hunt Club
The Woodbrook Hunt Club, cofounded in 1926 by Maj. J. H. Mathews and Thornwood Estate superintendent Thomas Bryan, is the oldest fox-hunting club west of the Mississippi. Horses have long played an important historical role on the prairies south of Tacoma. The Nisqually Indian...
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Theatres of San Jose
San Joseans have long had their pick of the best in stage and screen entertainment. In the late 19th through the mid-20th centuries, theatres were beloved places. Whether in downtown, the neighborhoods, or surrounding communities, theatres provided the thrill of a night on the...
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Pocono and Jackson Townships
Pocono Township got its name from the Native Americans, meaning "water between the mountains." Many small towns and villages dotted the landscape along the Native American trails, notably Tannersville in Pocono Township, which was named for its leather tanneries. Jackson Towns...
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Warren County
The fertile agricultural lands and majestic Cumberland Mountain wilderness that constitute Warren County belonged to the Cherokee Indians until the signing of the Third Treaty of Tellico on October 25, 1805, which officially opened up the region to pioneer settlers. Records sh...
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Austintown Township was first inhabited by Native Americans. In 1788, it became Range 3, Township 2, of the Connecticut Western Reserve and was named for Calvin Austin, a land agent for the Connecticut Land Company. In 1794, John McCollum was the first settler. In 1820, the po...
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Poland Spring
In 1794, Jabez Ricker traded his land in Alfred to the local Shaker community for property in present-day Poland. Shortly after his arrival, travelers came looking for a place to stay, and the Ricker family began its first inn. In 1844, Hiram Ricker, a grandson of Jabez, disco...
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Originally known as the Union District or Langdon’s Quarter, the village at the western end of Farmington was officially named Unionville by the U.S. Post Office in 1834. Settling along the banks of the Farmington River, Unionville’s early residents were an industrious group, ...
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Chaves County
New Mexico
In 1889, Roswell patriarch Capt. Joseph C. Lea, Pat Garrett (the former sheriff who shot Billy the Kid), and land developer Charles B. Eddy ventured to the territorial council and house in Santa Fe to petition for the creation of two new counties from the massive Lincoln Count...
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Rockdale was first established as a railroad town in Milam County in 1874. Milam County was carved from the extensive Robertson’s Colony in 1852, and it flourished with immigrants eager to move on after the Civil War severed the nation. For many, Rockdale was an easy choice fo...
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Melrose Park
Originally founded by German immigrants, followed by successive waves of Lithuanians, Italians, and Hispanics, Melrose Park has undergone a series of transformations since its incorporation in 1882. Close proximity to Chicago and the coming of the Chicago and Northwestern Rail...
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Books 16 - 30 of 607 total