African-American Studies: 4 Must-Read Local Interest Titles That Should Be on Everyone’s Reading List




No study of American history can be considered complete without a thorough exploration of African-American studies. Exploring the contributions of African-Americans throughout the ages is the best way to really get acquainted with the magnitude of their contributions as a social group. America’s black citizens have been teachers, writers, builders, activists, and leaders, among many other things.


However, while reading more expansive literature on the history of Black America is definitely a must, it’s important not to overlook the value regional interest literature can bring to the table. Local interest books shine intimate spotlights on individual communities, people, movements, and contributions throughout African American history. Start your journey today with one or more of the following titles from our growing catalog.


1. Built by Blacks: African American Architecture and Neighborhoods in Richmond




America is home to many cities and towns that are incredibly famous for their unique architectural style. Richmond, Virginia is just one of them. Richmond is also notable for not only the multiple iconic symbols housed within its boundaries, but for the large role African-American laborers played in their assembly.


This volume introduces the reader to Richmond’s architecture from an African-American perspective. View stunning historic photographs of Richmond neighborhoods and structures that were built by local African-Americans. Explore preserved landmarks from an entirely new perspective. Get a closer look at some of the city’s forgotten architecture.


2. African Americans of Chattanooga: A History of Unsung Heroes


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If you’ve never lived in or visited Chattanooga, you’re probably most familiar with this Tennessee town from the international Glenn Miller hit, “Chattanooga Choo-Choo”. However, this historic location has many other claims to fame to its credit. These include but are not limited to Coca-Cola, Moon Pies, and its exceptionally diverse collection of flora – one of the most diverse located anywhere on earth.


Chattanooga’s history is also filled with unsung African-American heroes. Get to know the first African American to hold a lead counsel position on a Supreme Court case. Hear the personal story of the world’s oldest student who learned how to read at the ripe old age of 116. Even learn all about one of the South’s first integrated police departments. Chattanooga was home to all of it, and then some.


3. African Americans on Martha’s Vineyard: From Enslavement to Presidential Visit




Located just south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is known the world over for being one of America’s most affluent summer destinations. However, Martha’s Vineyard is about a lot more than gorgeous beaches and perfectly balmy weather. As is the case with many American cities, Martha’s Vineyard has been home to a notable black population as well.


This volume introduces the reader to a Martha’s Vineyard that became a sanctuary for slaves during the Civil War. You’ll also learn all about Shearer Cottage, a black vacation destination that was a favorite of such icons as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Scott Joplin. You’ll discover Martha’s Vineyard through the eyes of modern African-Americans – like Barack Obama and Henry Louis Gates – who visit when they need a much needed break from their demanding worlds.


4. African Americans in Los Angeles




For many years the glittering City of Angels has been considered the destination for those seeking opportunity. In fact, it was opportunity that first sparked the migration of thousands of Americans to the Los Angeles area in the early days of this iconic California city. Of course, African Americans were among these numbers as they moved west in hopes of escaping violence and racism.


This volume tells the story of Los Angeles’s legacy from a black perspective. Learn about the white backlash blacks encountered in Los Angeles upon their arrival. Read about their ongoing fight for equality, integration, community, and security. View stunning historic photographs that chronicle landmark L.A. moments from early antislavery efforts, to profound cultural contributions, to the O.J. Simpson murder trial. It’s Los Angeles as you’ve never experienced it before – a city that bore witness to promise, struggle, and dreams for African Americans everywhere.


Of course, these are just a handful of the many regional interest titles Arcadia has to offer in regards to African-Americans from all over the nation. Explore hundreds of cities, communities, and neighborhoods in fascinating detail. Learn about unsung black heroes that helped make our nation great. Rediscover both iconic and little known moments in American history. With Arcadia Publishing in your corner, you have a golden opportunity to experience black history on an entirely new level. Get started today!