Fabulous Las Vegas: Get to Know Sin City Better with These Page Turners



If you really can’t picture your summer without at least one trip to Las Vegas, you’re in excellent company. Las Vegas is truly the type of city that has a little something to offer everyone. Whether you’re into winning big at the blackjack table, indulging in five-star restaurant experiences, or taking in some of the best entertainment available anywhere, Vegas has exactly what you’re in the mood for.


However, there’s more to Vegas than just bright lights and big dreams. Get to know your favorite city a little bit better by devouring one or more of the following local interest titles before you plan your next visit.


1. Las Vegas 1905-1965


People only think they have a thorough understanding of Las Vegas. However, there’s a lot more to this city’s rich history than mobsters, showgirls, and gambling, to be certain. Long before the bright lights and the casinos, a multitude of families, builders, and entrepreneurs have called the city home.


This collection of vintage postcards offers the Vegas enthusiast an intimate look in pictures at the city’s evolution through the ages. Experience the many incarnations of Vegas, with your own eyes, from its beginnings as a humble railroad town to the modern wonderland it is today.


2. Showgirls of Las Vegas




If you’re like most people, it’s pretty much impossible for you to think of Vegas without also thinking of showgirls. However, most know little to nothing about where and how the entire concept of the Las Vegas showgirl began.


This volume offers the reader a fascinating look at the evolution of Vegas’s showgirls from their early beginnings in the 1950s all the way to today. Experience the heyday of Las Vegas’s most over-the-top showgirl productions. Even learn all about Bally’s Jubilee, one of the city’s longest running, most famous shows.


3. Early Las Vegas


Every town had to get its start somewhere, and Las Vegas is no exception. Once upon a time, the city you know and love was located smack dab in the middle of an area known more for mines and ranches than dreams and decadence. Then Montana’s William Clark snagged the rights to the land and water in the area, and Vegas’s first identity as a railroad town was born.


Explore the humble beginnings of the glittery, surreal modern Vegas with a rich look at the details behind the city’s earliest days. Learn about the city’s little-known Mormon settlement era. Hear the incredible backstory behind the Helldorado Parade. Get to know all the men and women that had a part in the building of a legend.


4. Clark County


No exploration of Las Vegas history would be complete without a study of the county in which it’s located. Clark County is named for William Clark, the senator who originally purchased the rights to the land where the county is located today. All of this went down in 1902, and the rest is history.


Discover the rich backstory of how Clark County came to be. Learn why it was established and what the county’s founders originally had in mind as far as their vision for the area. Relive the construction of world famous Hoover Dam and the growth of the gambling industry for which Las Vegas and the surrounding cities are so famous. Learn about the rise of Henderson’s Basic Magnesium Industries. It’s an intimate look at the Vegas area as you’ve never seen it before.


5. Las Vegas: The Fabulous First Century




Today Las Vegas is home to nearly 1.5 million residents, as well as a booming gaming industry. It also sees more than its fair share of tourists every year. Thanks to a rich history filled with multiple cultural influences, Las Vegas truly is a melting pot of ethnic groups, cultures, and races.


Here is another book that explores the first 100 years of Las Vegas history in detail – a must for anyone who lives in or loves Las Vegas. Trace its evolution from humble whistle-stop town to glittering adult playground with a fascinating historical retelling of the city’s past. Enjoy gorgeous photographs that span time, from the city’s earliest beginnings to today.


When you explore the backstory of an eclectic city like Las Vegas with Arcadia’s collection of local interest literature on the topic, you’re treating yourself to a detailed, riveting learning experience that can’t help but enhance your passion. Start your journey with these fantastic titles, and more, today!