​Celebrating the Return of Baseball Season

When you’re a sports fan, the advent of spring is about a whole lot more than better weather, singing birds, and the return of spring flowers. It’s also a sure sign that it’s almost baseball season again. Opening Day is always highly anticipated, and now it’s right around the corner.

Why not kick off the imminent approach of baseball season in style? We’ve tossed together a few ideas to rekindle loyalties and spark good-natured rivalries.
  1. Plan a trip.

If you haven’t celebrated Opening Day in person, consider rounding up a few friends and planning a trip this year. There’s nothing like the experience of watching an exciting game unfold right in front of you. You’ll get swept up in the energy when you hear your team introduced over the loudspeakers or participate in the thunderous applause that follows each great play.

If you can’t make it all the way to Opening Day, consider taking an alternative trip instead. Visit an iconic location like the Baseball Hall of Fame or watch a minor league affiliate play in your home town. Anything that celebrates baseball is fair play.

  1. Set up a fantasy league.

If you’re a true fan of America’s favorite pastime, it’s only natural to want to get right into the middle of the action. Fantasy baseball is a great way to do this. Not only do you have to keep track of your favorite players across the league, but it’s a great way to perfect your overall understanding of the game. Plus, it’s just plain fun to interact with a baseball related activity in the company of good friends.

If there’s a local league you’ve been thinking about joining, now is the perfect time to get started. Alternatively, you could start your own league with your friends. Fantasy leagues are a great way to swap knowledge and theories with other fans. Light-hearted arguments, gloating, and bragging are all part of the fun!
  1. Throw a baseball party.

What’s the next best thing to watching Opening Day in person? Throw a party that pulls out all the stops, of course! Get all your family and friends together instead of just inviting diehard baseball fans. Your party can double as a learning experience for those who are new to baseball or less invested in it.

Look for ways to make your party stand out from all the rest. Duplicate an old fashioned hot dog stand by setting up your own in the backyard or have the chef in your group of friends whip up a batch of homemade Cracker Jacks. Make sure you decorate with plenty of fantastically themed accessories. It’s a great excuse to show off some of your favorite memorabilia!

  1. Get out and play ball.

Baseball season really does coincide with some gorgeous weather. Channel your favorite players for an afternoon and play some ball. It’s not only great exercise but a wonderful way to bond with your friends and family.

Pack up the kids and take them to the park for an afternoon of catch. Gather a bunch of your fellow baseball fans and play a full-scale game together. Make good on your promises to join a local recreation baseball league. Anything goes! Just get out there, get active, and have fun.
  1. Read up on the history of baseball.

If the weather turns inclement, pour yourself a glass of your favorite craft beer and curl up with a good book on baseball history. Research the sport, in general, or focus on your favorite teams and players.

If you’ve read your share of baseball history books, deepen your knowledge of the sport with regional history and local interest books on baseball. Research the origin stories of great teams like the Chicago Cubs or learn about noteworthy instutions like Shea Stadium or AT&T Park. Learn about the unique roles baseball has played in neighborhoods and communities all over the country. We promise you’ll be glad you did!