Testimonial Tuesday: Thanks for "Images of America"

I wish I knew about Arcadia back when I was still on active duty.  The "Images of America" series
are a convenient size and length. Would have been great reading while underway or even on duty nights when stationed back ashore. With the Armed Forces coming from ALL 50 states and also the US territories, and serving not only throughout the United States, but also around the world, it would be great for our military personnel to read about their home town(s) and states, as well as finding out about places they are or have been stationed. At 59, the internet came a little late for me, and I only found your website as a shot in the dark when curious about some different titles. 


I did not know how many different subject matters were covered, or the fact that the entire
country is represented. Of course only local titles are sold in the various areas, and I am also at fault for not being more proactive. Maybe
in a way, it was a good thing, hahaha. By now I would probably have over 1,000 books instead of the ~150 I have.

Lee J H*
USCG Retired