7 Great Gifts for Car Lovers Everywhere

By Nicky M. | Arcadia Staff
We’ve all seen them: They seem to live in the garage, perched over or holed up underneath their new project, and it seems like their tinkering with never end. For a car enthusiast, there is no project too big, and no detail too small when it comes to their beloved vehicles. As the holidays quickly approach, you might be wondering where you can get a great gift for the car lover in your life. Never fear! Use this handy car gift guide to find your next great holiday gift.

Lost Car Companies of Detroit1) Lost Car Companies of Detroit, by Alan Naldrett

Among more than two hundred auto companies that tried their luck in the Motor City, just three remain: Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. But many of those lost to history have colorful stories worth telling. Alan Naldrett explores the history of some of America’s forgotten car manufacturers in Lost Car Companies of Detroit, from the well-known Oldsmobile, to the deliciously named Bacon. By tracing the history of these companies, and the greater history of car manufacturing in Detroit, Naldrett paints a picture of Michigan’s biggest car city that any car enthusiast will enjoy. From the innovators that created the American car scene, to the prototypes that failed along the way, this is a history of cars not to be missed.

2) Stringback Driving Gloves
For the driver who might fondly recall the days of the 1950s and 60s, these stringback driving gloves will be a welcome reminder of former glory days. Used by mid-20th century racecar drivers, driving gloves helped to protect hands from wooden steering wheels. These gloves, which are made of high quality leather, will be a durable and unique addition to any gearhead’s collection. All they’ll be missing now is the race car!

Jacksonville on Wheels3) Jacksonville on Wheels: A Car Culture Retrospective, by Dorothy K. Fletcher

Jacksonville has long been a mecca for car enthusiasts and collectors, due in part to the city's unique automotive history. Long before the Model T would make its debut, steam powered carriages had found their way to Jacksonville, and by 1903, the first car dealership had opened its doors. Dorothy K. Fletcher explores all of this history and more in Jacksonville on Wheels: A Car Culture Retrospective, journeying from the year 1899 through the NASCAR days of the 50s and 60s. Her history looks at the people, places, and ideas that helped to turn Jacksonville into a destination for car lovers, and offers an in-depth look at automobiles in the River City.

4) SureCan Fuel Gas Can
Any avid car fan will tell you how important it is to always be prepared before taking your hot rod out on the road. The SureCan Fuel Gas Can guarantees that your favorite car lover will never find themselves running out of fuel during that trip down Route 66. With a patented spill-proof technology, the SureCan enables drivers to pour gas without tipping their gas can, or getting any fuel on their hands while doing so. This is the perfect gift for any car owner, but will be a sure-fire hit for the devoted gearhead.  

San Diego Lowriders5) San Diego Lowriders: A History of Cars and Cruising, by Alberto López Pulido & Rigoberto “Rigo” Reyes

San Diego's unique lowrider culture and community has a long history of "low and slow." Cruising the streets from 1950 to 1985, twenty-eight lowrider car clubs made their marks in the San Diego neighborhoods of Logan Heights, Sherman Heights, National City, Old Town, San Ysidro and the adjoining border community of Tijuana, Mexico. In San Diego Lowriders, Alberto López Pulido and Rigo Reyes explore the history of lowrider cars in the Chicano communities of Southern California. These customized vehicles joined the craze of creating individual cars in post-WWII America, and became a major cultural symbol for the Chicano community. This unique history will be a delight for the car enthusiast who seems to know and have everything.
6) Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit
Keeping a car in tip-top condition is the hallmark of any car fan. The Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit will ensure that any vehicle is kept its cleanest, with a beautiful shine. The kit includes 12 different products, including liquid wax, tire gel, and even microfiber towels. With added bonuses like ScratchX scratch remover and PlastX plastic cleaner, this kit is sure to be a delight for any Christmas or holiday gift.

Michigan's C. Harold Wills7) Michigan’s C. Harold Wills: The Genius Behind the Model T and the Wills Sainte Claire Automobile, by Alan Naldrett and Lynn Lyon Naldrett for the Wills Sainte Claire Museum

Alan Naldrett is back at it again with his wife Lynn in Michigan’s C. Harold Willis. One of the unsung heroes of the auto world, C. Harold Wills designed the Model T when he worked as Henry Ford's right-hand man. Later, he founded his own company to produce the legendary Wills Sainte Claire. The Naldrett’s history covers the life of C. Harold Wills, from his earliest years, to his current legacy within the Wills Sainte Claire Museum in Marysville, Michigan. A true classic for any car enthusiast, this biography helps shed light onto one of car history’s greatest innovators, and showcase the true breadth of his influence on our cars today.
These gift ideas for the car enthusiast will be a sure-fire winner this holiday season. Whether your car lover wants to chalk up on their car history or give their car a beautiful sparkle and shine, they’ll find something to please them with these new car books and products. Happy driving!
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