Arcadia Moments: Brenda & Teddy M*

Have you ever found yourself, a loved one, or a friend in one of our books? We love hearing these stories, and we love sharing them even more! Read Teddy & Brenda's story of discovering their childhood photos in 'Thalhimers Department Stores' by Emily Golightly Rusk, Foreword by Elizabeth Thalhimer Smartt. 

My wife, then Brenda C*, is on page 10.  In the picture of the four little girls, she is on the far right in the lower picture.  The girl to her right (left in the pic ) is Nancy Armstrong , one of her friends who lived across the street from her.  That was the time Johnnie Cline, the child actor , came to town.  Brenda was actually a child model at Miller and Rhodes, Thalhimers’ prime competition across the street!

I am on page 20, the kid on the sidewalk waiting for the parade, the one in the hooded coat.

On page 24 with the 4th Floor train,  I am the first kid in the car behind the engineer.  Of course, this picture was taken way before the parade pic but I still to this day remember that train ride because I went straight to and got into the engine and then was told I couldn’t ride there.  I was very disgusted!
I think finding ourselves in these pictures is awesome.  We’ll have to get the Miller and Rhodes one too and see if we are in any of those.

Those were the Good Old Days!!

- Email from Teddy M*

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