​Spark Intergenerational Conversations with Our New Wise Animal Handbook Series

Teaching a child to read takes time, patience and focus. Well worth the effort, reading opens wonderful new worlds of education and imagination in a child’s life. In fact, the very act of helping children learn to read provides you and your child a multi-faceted learning experience.

Finding books that cultivate an active and involved learning environment is the first step in this process.


Parents, teachers and guardians seek reading material for their children that teaches the basics of English literacy. They also desire material that instills potent social, personal, and even historical or environmental lessons.

Internalization and understanding of these lessons, however, occurs through the cultivation of discussion between children and their guardians or teachers. For many children, this begins through reading aloud with an adult.

The Wise Animal Handbook will help guide you through this process.


The Wise Animal Handbook

In her new book series The Wise Animal Handbook, children’s book author Kate B. Jerome creates a bridge between children and adults. The Wise Animal Handbook series presents children and adults with educational books they can enjoy together through witty and educational rhymes and accompanying pictures of adorable animals.

The author designed these books as a type of literature for adults and children to read aloud together, and the messages contained within will inspire broader discussions about life, social behavior, the environment and much more.


Reading Together

One of the pivotal moments in a child’s development takes place when an adult teaches him or her to read. Reading aloud together leads to greater comprehension of written language later in a child’s life. Discussion between children and adults generated by shared reading experience not only increases a child’s desire to read but also instills a larger consciousness of the world around them.


Reading aloud with your children is crucial not only to their literacy but also their competence and confidence in school. Furthermore, it can help instill a love of reading and literature in children that is becoming increasingly rare in younger generations.


Fun Times with Meaningful Rhymes

The fun, easy to read rhymes found in The Wise Animal Handbook series present broad messages accessible to both children and adults. This accessibility allows children and adults to relate to each other as well. Shared understanding sparks conversation and imparts meaningful conversation.

Quotes such as “be helpful every day” and “don’t forget to play” resonate with both children and adults. The lessons contained within these quotes stimulate meaningful conversation without becoming too complicated for a child to comprehend. Even adults will take something valuable away from the simple messages and playful rhymes.

The adorable animals that accompany each line provide more common ground. The cleverly-matched pictures and self-contained lines of each book provide an appealing visual element that helps children understand what they are reading. Adults will appreciate the quality and vibrancy of the wildlife images as well.
After all, who doesn’t love animals?


Localized Learning

The Wise Animal Handbook series contains multiple versions of the book featuring animals from local regions across the United States from Northern California to New York. Parents, grandparents, guardians, and teachers can select the version of the book most appropriate to local wildlife. Children delight in seeing animals that they recognize from their region.


The use of regional wildlife adds an element of environmental learning to the mix, spurring conversation about local wildlife and nature. Curious children may choose to learn about animals from outside their local region. An appreciation for nature and wildlife can become a shared interest and the subject of further research between children and adults.


Learning and Growing Together

Teaching a child to read might seem like a daunting task. With the right supplementary material, however, it becomes a multidimensional learning experience that bridges generational gaps and promotes understanding and common ground. Communication concepts between children and adults are a crucial part of the process, building on basic lessons while fostering more active educational opportunities and personal relationship skills.
The Wise Animal Handbook series connects children and adults through common interest and shared experience. Local wildlife and simple life lessons are at the crux of this connection. Children will likely ask questions about nature and enquire further into that area of study. This book series conveys simple yet important concepts by introducing playful rhymes and digestible knowledge.



Intergenerational interactions early in a child’s life foster a complete learning experience. Reading together helps establish close relationships between children and the adults who teach them.

Through discussion about the environment and the messages contained within each book’s rhymes, children will see that their teachers, parents, grandparents and guardians are wise animals themselves.