Testimonial Tuesday: Westland

The following Letter to the Editor was published on June 2, 2005


Students know their history.

On May 26, I had the opportunity to speak to the third-, fourth- and fifth-graders at the Edison Elementary School in Westland. It was my pleasure to share some of my knowledge of the history of Westland with these young scholars.

Following my talk, there was a brief question and answer period. I was very impressed with the length and depth of the questions from these young minds. Several of their questions centered around the book my wife, Sherrye, and I wrote last year. The book, entitled Westland, is one book in the Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series.

I am grateful to the principal, Barbara Hastings, and the staff at the Edison Elementary School for giving me that opportunity. This opportunity came about because of a third-grader at Edison, Jacob Beaudoin. In November 2004, Jacob and his grandfather attended a lecture I gave at the Wayne Public Library. Following the talk, my wife and I took time to sign copies of our book. Jacob's grandfather purchased a copy and we signed it to Jacob.

Jacob brought the book to school and showed it to his teacher and classmates. That led to my opportunity to speak to the students at Edison Elementary School. Thank you, Jacob!

Daryl A. Bailey, local historian and author