Testimonial Tuesday: Gratitude Expressed for Palisades Amusement Park

To whom it may concern:

I have been enjoying your info on P. Park. As probably many you have talked to, I have more memories than some.

A good friend of my family owned many food stands in the Park. His name was Gary Garinello (Uncle Gary to us). My father managed one of his food stands named Candyland, it was right next to the Carousel. It consisted of 5 stands in one and was a child’s dream. Having connections to the Park I helped out in my Uncle’s stand and almost everyday in the summer either drove to work with my father very early in the morning so he could deliver to food, seltzer etc to all the stands my Uncle owned or I took the 22 Bus. The list of my real family members that work there over the years were 3 aunts, 2 uncles, my sister and brother, 4 cousins, my Mom and Dad. I got a list of free ticket to all the rides and has free access to the pool every day I was there. Talk about a dream!!! Mr. Rosenthal came to the pretzel stand where I was helping my Dad and asked me for a pretzel and asked how I thought they tasted, naturally I answered delicious. Most all of my summers were surrounded by Palisades Amusement Park for about 8 years until my Dad passed away in 1970 and then obviously the Park closing in 1971. Imagine as a kid not being rich, but having full access to this wonderful place. For me admission, rides and food were free. I even made friends with Mr Rosenthal’s chauffeur, Leon. I believe in the first book published my Aunt Mary Lauro's name was mentioned. Even though I was only 12 when the Park closed it was a very sad day in family’s life. I thank you for all the memories.


Laurie M*