7 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate the Original Earth Day on March 20th


It’s almost that time of year again. The vernal equinox approaches, so spring is almost here. It’s not just time to start enjoying warmer weather and spring flowers. This year, March 20th will also be an opportunity to celebrate the original Earth Day.

Different from the April 22nd holiday of the same name, the original Earth Day is an international event that is focused on bringing people together from around the globe. It’s a great time to really focus on how we as a world community can do a better job as environmental stewards. It’s also an opportunity to reconnect with our fellow man as well. What better time to do that than the vernal equinox, the day that symbolizes renewal and rebirth better than any other? The following are a few meaningful ways you can celebrate this year.
  1. Leave the car in the garage for the day.

If you’re like most people, you love your car. However, you also know your car isn’t exactly the best thing for the environment. Consider using an alternative mode of transportation in the spirit of the day. Give public transportation or carpooling a try for a change. Better yet, choose an option that will get you out in the fresh air and sunshine, like walking, biking, or roller blading. 
  1. Write a letter or email.

This Earth Day, consider gathering your friends or family together and having each person share an environmental or global concern important to them with the rest of the group. Then help each other locate contact information for a congressman, government official, or global authority with the power to instigate change for each issue. Each person can write out a respectful, well-thought-out letter or email to the person associated with their concern of choice.

  1. Spend the day volunteering.

Nothing honors the spirit of the original Earth Day quite like lending a hand in a way that helps make the world a better place. Make a list of Earth Day events going in your area and pick the one that interests you the most. Many communities will organize efforts that bring people together to clean up beaches and parks or spend the day planting trees. Alternatively, you could choose a volunteer opportunity on your own. Anything that gets you involved in a positive way is a good choice.
  1. Start a vegetable garden.

In a world where fast food, quick fixes, and mass-produced processed goods are the norm, nothing is more meaningful than the choice to grow your own food. Research which plants grow well in your area. Then spend Earth Day with your family planting a vegetable garden that you can have enjoy growing and harvesting together for months to come. Alternatively, consider getting together with a group of your friends and joining a local community garden project.
  1. Support the “sharing economy.”

Earth Day isn’t just about doing our part to help the environment. It’s also about bringing together the many people that call Mother Earth home. If you’ve been meaning to check out the benefits of a sharing service like Airbnb, Lyft, or any one of the numerous others out there, there’s no better time to do so than Earth Day. Not only are such services a great way to streamline your life and save money, but they help you become better connected with your community as well.

  1. Spend some time outside.

These days, so many of us spend the bulk of our time cooped up indoors staring at a computer screen. It’s easy to forget how great it can be to feel the sun on our skin and fill our lungs with fresh air. Make a pledge to get out there in nature this Earth Day. Take a hike or a bike ride with friends or family. Enjoy a barefoot walk on the beach followed by a swim in the ocean. Have a picnic or an outdoor barbecue. Enjoy the day inspired by the natural beauty in your area.
  1. Get better informed.

Earth Day is a great time to better educate yourself about the world. Consider spending part of your day reading articles on current issues that affect the environment. Watch a nature documentary. Purchase a book about a part of the world or an ethnic group you’re not familiar with and read it cover to cover. Make it a point to keep expanding your studies on that topic and others like it, moving forward. You’ll be glad you did!