4 Reasons Every Music Lover Should Explore Regional Interest Literature


A given person may or may not be into sports. You’ll have people who love to read lengthy novels and people who would rather stick to movies instead. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone from any culture who doesn’t like some form of music, and it’s not hard to see why. Music is the closest thing we have to a universal language. It can speak to anyone or be made to say just about anything. Music is one of the only activities that engages almost every part of the human brain.

Even so, very few people realize music is also an important part of human history. Studying music history can be a fascinating and very rewarding endeavor for music lovers of all types. Regional interest literature on music throughout the ages can help you appreciate your favorite genres, musicians, and iconic locations even better than you already do. Let’s take a closer look at how.

1. Knowing where your favorite music originated deepens your understanding of it.


Anyone who has been exploring music in depth for long is at least somewhat aware that different genres and styles tend to be linked to specific locations. When we spend an afternoon walking down memory lane with a little grunge music, we also think of Seattle. Country is synonymous with Nashville. You can’t picture Motown’s signature style without also thinking of Detroit. What we don’t immediately realize is that there’s so much more to those stories and connections than meets the eye.

Regional interest books tend to dig really deeply into a niche topic. That said, the right local interest book on music can be a veritable treasure trove of new information. Learn why certain locations were the birthplaces of such iconic music styles. Enjoy amazing personal stories and view gorgeous vintage photography.

2. You’ll potentially discover new music to love.

When you’re a music lover, you have your go-to standbys that you turn to when you want to listen to something familiar. Every so often, though, you really feel like discovering something fresh and new. Regional interest books on music can help you discover new artists to love – artists who are historically significant when it comes to your favorite genres.

Are you a huge bluegrass fan? Try reading up on bluegrass music in Kentucky and keeping a running list of mentioned artists to check out the next time you’re browsing on Spotify. Have you always wanted to know more about the musical legacy of Spanish Harlem? Study the area’s roots and explore other sounds the area is known for above and beyond what you’re used to.


3. You’ll be bursting with ideas for your next music themed vacation.

Really serious music lovers can usually tell you at least one story about the time they planned a whole vacation around seeing their favorite artist on tour or visiting a really specific music venue they’ve been curious about. We assure you that getting into local interest literature on music will leave you itching to do it all over again.

Get started by researching locations that are known for spawning signature styles of music or for being the birthplace of a musician you admire. Then deepen your studies by reading up on various venues, noteworthy music history museums, iconic regional events, and more. You’ll learn more about people and places you’re already familiar with. You’ll discover lesser known treasures to consider as well.

4. You can get to know your own hometown on an entirely new level.


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Most people take a lot of pride in where they come from. However, there is such a thing as being so close to what you love, that you lose the ability to appreciate everything about what it is. For example, you may not even be aware of certain connections your very own home region might have to music.

Truly expansive catalogs of regional interest books are usually packed with volumes on just about any city and area you can think of. That said, the chances of coming across a book about your own region’s musical history are pretty high. Why not look into it? Reading about the musical background of your hometown or favorite vacation spot is the perfect way to see the familiar places you love through fresh eyes.

At the end of the day, there are few hobbies and interests that can’t be expanded upon with a little non-fiction reading on the topic. Discover local interest books today and marvel at just how much there really is left to learn about music!