5 Essential Automotive History Books for Car Lovers


There are few things that personify the concept of personal independence quite like a car ride. Nothing compares to the sensation of the sun on your skin and the sight of the open road stretching out ahead of you. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, with a car at your disposal. No wonder the average American remembers the day he got his first driver’s license as the best day of his life!

Even so, no car enthusiast’s life is complete until they’ve studied a bit of American automotive history. Regional interest titles like the ones below can reintroduce you to one of your favorite topics on an entirely new level.

1. Ford Dynasty: A Photographic History



When it comes to industry names that are absolutely synonymous with the concept of the automobile, it doesn’t get much bigger than Ford. Originally founded in 1903, the Ford Motor Company has had a massive impact on not only the evolution of our nation, but on humanity itself. We quite simply wouldn’t be living in the same world without Ford.

This fascinating look back at the Ford legacy takes the reader on a journey through the last century-plus of American auto history as it relates to Ford. It’s also filled to the brim with hundreds of beautiful vintage images – a must that should be part of every car lover’s collection.

2. Chrysler Heritage: A Photographic History

Of course, Ford isn’t the only name that’s become an essential part of automotive history over the years. Walter P. Chrysler is at the top of the list as well. Once a railroad mechanic by trade, Chrysler would found his company of the same name in 1924 and play a critical role in the rise of Detroit as the Motor City.

This beautiful history in pictures is part of Arcadia Publishing’s popular photographic history series and makes a gorgeous addition to any auto enthusiast’s bookshelf. Relive events like Chrysler’s acquisition of Dodge and the introduction of the famous DeSoto model. Take in stunning photographs that capture Detroit’s golden age.

3. Mustang and the Pony Car Revolution


The Ford Mustang is quite possibly the most loved automobile model in all of automotive history, and it’s not hard to understand why. Based on the mechanical parameters of the much smaller Ford Falcon, the Mustang was America’s very first “pony car.” It retains a special place in American automotive history, thanks to its demonstration of innovative design and exceptional planning.

This fascinating volume explores the rise of the pony car and Mustang’s part in it in rich detail. Relive the Mustang’s introduction at the 1964 World’s Fair. Take a trip down memory lane in regards to Mustang advertising campaigns through the ages. Enjoy fantastic vintage photography that captures everything you love about Mustang.


4. Detroit Area Test Tracks

Much has been written and commemorated in regards to Detroit’s role in the rise of the American automotive industry. If you’re in the habit of reading much about American automotive history, then it’s tempting to think you’ve explored everything to do with the Motor City. This volume promises an in-depth look at a lesser known part of that history – the testing process for the cars themselves.

Read all about the industry’s very first scientific proving ground, a location that changed the way auto makers approach safety forever. Discover fascinating details about the testing process itself, and learn once and for all what really went on behind test track walls.

5. Cruisin’ the Original Woodward Avenue

In the glorious 1950s, there was no pastime more popular or widely enjoyed than cruising. Teens and young people, together as friends, celebrated the freedom driving a car brought to the table. Streets transformed into makeshift race tracks. The auto industry blossomed, as a result, especially thanks to the after-effects of WWII and all of its hardships.

This fascinating and fun volume grants the reader an inside look at what it was like to cruise Detroit’s iconic Woodward Avenue. Follow the evolution of Woodward into the 1960s as muscle cars entered the scene. View beautiful photo collections that perfectly capture the experience of cruising itself. You’ll be left with a whole new perspective on the joys of driving a car.

Of course, these are just a few of the many titles Arcadia has to offer in regards to American automotive history. Start with these. Then let your curiosity help you discover even more enriching volumes on every aspect of your favorite topic. The world is yours to explore with the right regional interest titles in your corner. Start the journey today!