5 Earth Day Activities for the Entire Family

Although we ought to be mindful of nature and the environment every day, Earth Day is a wonderful reason to really focus on what a treasure our planet is. It’s a great reason to spend the day with your family appreciating Mother Nature. And it’s the perfect time to start teaching important eco-friendly values to your children as well.
This April 22nd, commemorate the occasion by engaging in some fun, family-friendly activities that engage the entire household. The following are just a few suggestions to consider.

1. Let the sun cook your lunch.

The sun is capable of a lot more than making your day brighter. Solar power is actually a pretty powerful resource in and of itself. This Earth Day, get your children curious about the value of solar energy by treating them to a lunch cooked by none other than the sun itself.

Grab an old cardboard box that’s capable of accommodating whatever you’d like to make, as well as some aluminum foil. Cut a window into the top of your box and then line the inside with the foil to create a solar oven. Position your box so that it’s drawing in direct rays from the sun. Now add some simple food that will cook easily. Wait with anticipation for the food to be finished and enjoy while admiring the power of the sun.


2. Start a compost bin for your household.

Reducing waste as well as recycling and reusing resources when possible are the cornerstones of an environmentally responsible lifestyle. Plus, Earth Day falls at just the right time of year to start a garden if you don’t already have one. Get together as a family and have each member choose a flower, fruit, or vegetable they’d like to add to the plot.

Then start the perfect gardening resource—a compost bin! Explain how composting uses leftover kitchen scraps and garden trimmings to create a wonderful source of nutrition for your growing plants, and then show your children how to add any compostable waste to the bin.

3.Use trash to create arts and crafts.

Do your kids love nothing better than drawing, painting, or building things with their hands? Have you been looking for a creative way to get your kids excited about the idea of recycling and reusing? Try teaching them how to make treasures out of trash this Earth Day.

You can start with simple items you probably already have around the house in abundance. Cut up cereal boxes to make a painting or collage or turn newspaper into papier mache. Alternatively, you can take a trip to the dump and have each child pick out an object they can use to make a brand new masterpiece at home.

4.Spend some time learning about animals.

Learning to love the Earth and respect Mother Nature isn’t just about planting green, growing things, and recycling. It’s also about learning to love the animals, birds, and fish that share the planet with us. Most children absolutely love animals, which is a perfect focus for honoring Earth Day.

Plan a day trip as a family to your local zoo or aquarium. Seize every opportunity to teach your kids about the different creatures they see, as well as the animals’ native habitats. More interested in a hands-on activity instead? Volunteer as a family at the local animal shelter or spend some time caring for animals and their habitats.


5.Visit a national park or botanical garden.

There’s nothing quite like spending some time up close and personal with nature to cultivate a lasting love of the planet. What better place to show your children just how breathtaking our planet can be than with a trip to one of our county’s prettiest national parks? Depending on where you live, this is potentially a wonderful time of year to kick off family hiking or camping season.

Alternatively, you could spend some time outside together as a family. How you do that is up to you! Plan a Sunday picnic at your favorite local park or spend Earth Day at the beach wading in the water and beachcombing for shells. If it gets you closer to nature, it’s a good pick! Start making your plans today.