8 Iconic Baseball Stadiums to Visit This Year


Is there anything that represents a perfect, all-American summer day better than an afternoon at the ballpark? Have you ever taken the time to think about why? It’s not whether your team wins or loses that makes the day. It’s the ballpark experience itself—everything from the taste of the hot dogs to the sounds in the stadium.   

Each ballpark brings its own unique atmosphere to the table as well. This summer, why not indulge your inner baseball fan with a trip to some of America’s most iconic institutions? Make sure the following all make your list.

Wrigley Field – Chicago, Illinois

If you’re a baseball fan, no trip to Chicago could possibly be considered complete without a trip to Wrigley Field. It’s not just great because it’s the home of the Cubs. Wrigley is a classic throwback stadium that, to this day, will take you right back to the early days of baseball. Plus, the surrounding area includes a number of great places to grab a beer or a burger after the game.

Fenway Park – Boston, Massachusetts

Fenway is America’s oldest ballpark, so it’s probably not surprising that it doesn’t come packed with amenities. What it does bring to the table is historic charm, not to mention loads of character. Catch a game here and participate in time-honored traditions like the singing of “Sweet Caroline” during the 7th inning stretch. Feast your eyes on the famous left field Green Monster. Later, enjoy a drink after the game at the nearby Cask ‘n Flagon, one of the area’s most talked-about bars.


Yankee Stadium – New York, New York

If you haven’t been to visit the new Yankee Stadium yet, it’s high time you paid a visit. It may not be the ever-famous “House That Ruth Built,” but it’s a stunning building packed with must-see features. Check out the Great Hall complete with a collection of 2,000+ photographs chronicling the history of the famed New York Yankees while you’re there.

AT&T Park – San Francisco, California

AT&T Park isn’t just home to the San Francisco Giants. It’s arguably one of the most beautiful baseball parks in the entire country. All you need to do is look beyond right field to catch a glimpse of the stunning view of San Francisco Bay. Don’t forget to sample the food while you’re there, as it’s considered some of the best the MLB has to offer.

Busch Stadium – St. Louis, Missouri

Built in 2006, Busch Stadium may be a newer venue, but it’s bursting with old-school charm nevertheless. An open design allows spectators to take in a lovely view of the St. Louis Arch while they keep an eye on the action in center field. Either before or after the game, make sure you check out Ballpark Village. It’s built on the former site of Busch Memorial Stadium.

Coors Field – Denver, Colorado

Since Coors Field first opened in 1995, it’s become one of the Denver area’s most popular places to spend a summer day, and with good reason. The stadium is located 5,280 feet above sea level, so a baseball cruises through the air at a much faster rate than it would at sea level. This greatly increases your chances of snagging a souvenir homerun ball compared to other cities. Don’t forget to take advantage of the park’s own Blue Moon microbrewery while you’re there.


Miller Park – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Looking for a no-frills spot to take in a killer game while enjoying the most delicious bratwurst you’ve ever had? Head over to Miller Park. You’ll be treated to spectacles like Bernie Brewer’s famous way of celebrating every home run with a jump down the yellow slide in left field. Next, celebrate Milwaukee’s epic connection to the brewing industry with a rendition of “Roll Out the Barrel” during the 7th inning stretch.

Safeco Field – Seattle, Washington

Last, but not least, we have another stadium that’s a must-see for anyone that loves a pretty view while they enjoy their game. Safeco looks out at the Seattle skyline, as well as Puget Sound. Plus, there’s no such thing as a bad seat here, either. You can enjoy an unobstructed view of the action from any seat in the park. Check it out for yourself this summer!