Testimonial Tuesday: Discovering My Grandfather's Photo

This #TestimonialTuesday, one reader shares the story her delight in finding a photo of her grandfather in her book.

Dear Mr. Avella,

The reason that I am contacting you regarding your fantastic book (Sacramento Indomitable City) is that it has personally touched and changed my family and I in a very personal way.
I initially purchased your book last year when I came across it last year and thumbing through it at Costco. I immediately could tell that it gives a great history of Sacramento and thought it would be a great way to read about our own history.
I am the first generation of Mexican/American decent in my family to graduate from College and earn a BA degree in Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies from CSU, Sacramento in 1998.  Growing up in Northern California after moving from Los Angeles, my mother would tell me about my grandfather who died when I was very young who worked as a Bracero here in the US from Mexico.
On November 22, 2004, I was reading chapter #5 The New Deal and The War (The New Demographics): The Latino Presence on Page 108-111. When I was looking at the Mexican workers at the Southern Pacific Rail Yard (I imagine this picture was taken at the Roseville CA rail yard), I about fell out of my chair when I came across a person on the third row from the top, second person on the left side of the picture. He has his right arm on the first person. I believe this person in my Grandfather.
When my grandfather was dying in the hospital, they placed him in a private room. His children told him in Spanish "Te pusieron en un cuarto bueno!" You are in a nice room! My grandfather replied, "Porque yo
trabaje en Rosvey". No one knew what he meant, but now after looking at the picture, I know that he meant Roseville, CA and was very proud of that job.
Ironically, on November 25, 2004, my family all came together for Thanksgiving and a Quienceanera that weekend. I took the book with me and marked the page and had my family look at the picture to confirm my thoughts. Out of the 50 family members who took a look at the picture and compared it to their wedding photos after my mother and my grandfather’s children tears all confirmed that was he.
This is a miracle in our eyes, because we do not have any pictures of my grandfather as a young man. And this picture shows that his sacrifices and struggles to come here and work to give his family a better life is
giving me this opportunity to contact you.
I want to thank you very much for your time in reading this message, for writing this and the other books. My family is on the quest to purchase this book and I will be purchasing the others that you have and are
writing in the future.

Merry Christmas & may God Bless you,

RR Jr. & Family