Toasty Hot Chocolate Recommendations

From the authors of the new book: Seattle Chocolatiers  

Chocolate-Vitale.jpgFind comfort and joy this holiday season at these eight neighborhood hot chocolate spots. But don’t forget to grab a box of exquisite local, artisan chocolates to delight a deserving gourmet on your gift list while you’re there! 
When the chilly Seattle mist hangs in the air and the days are dark and cold, pop into any of these local hangouts. Enjoy premium hot chocolate, the real molten chocolate fare blended with frothy milk to perfection – lift your mood and warm your heart and hands.
If you find yourself in the Phinney neighborhood, stop in at Chocolate Vitale, 6257 3rd Ave NW, Seattle, 98107 for Janet’s deep and delicious cup of hot chocolate. It is said to be the best drinking chocolate in town, with seasonal favorites like Chocolate Espresso and Chocolate Raspberry - just in time for the Holidays. European Classic, Venezuelan Dark, and Orange Spice are regular options all year-round. This delicious drinking chocolate makes a perfect Holiday treat for you, your family and friends. 

Chocolati.jpgIn the Greenlake neighborhood, find a cozy spot at one of the Chocolati Cafes and wrap your hands around a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Their home-made hot chocolate is ambrosia -- the drink of the gods.  Drop in at Chocolati on, 7810 E. Greenlake Drive North, before you jog around the lake. Or start the day at Greenwood Chocolati Café, 8319 Greenwood Ave N,  and of course there is your Chocolati Cafe in Wallingford at 1716 N 45th St. Take a break from researching at the Seattle Public Library and go down to the Chocolati bar in the foyer. Chocolati’s hot chocolate will send you back to the books inspired! You don’t live in Seattle? Get the four flavors of Hot Chocolati –Aztec, Bittersweet, Cayenne, and House Blend – from the on-line store!


In Downtown Seattle, there are several locations to warm your heart and soul. Le Pichet above Pike Place Market at 1933 1st Ave. or Café Press on 1117 12th Ave serve a rich dark drinking chocolate with a side of whipped cream. This is the irresistible Chocolat chaud - a Paris-style made-to-order hot chocolate; it’s a sweet secret of heavenly bliss. We recommend you go there and savor this little luxury all for yourself or, of course, with family and friends. Do you fancy a cup at home? Here is the recipe: 1/2oz bittersweet chocolate (best quality); 1/2oz unsweetened chocolate (best quality); 1 teaspoon cocoa powder; 1/2 cup whole milk; 1/2 cup heavy cream; sugar (to taste).

The Chocolate Box at 106 Pine Street just above Pike Place Market, states what has become our own belief: the best chocolate makers in the world live right here in Seattle. In the spirit of seasonal and local, their “sip local” menu offers hot chocolate with European Classic Sipping Chocolate or Venezuelan Black from our own local Chocolate Vitale [see above], served as your own palate desires. You can chose the purist version, simply chocolate, or with Peanut Butter, Orange Cardamom, Salted Caramel, Theo Cocoa Nibs, or Marshmallow (peppermint, cocoa chips, caramel swirl, s’mores, vanilla, coconut, pumpkin spice).  Think the choice is overwhelming? Just wait for February and The Chocolate Box Hot Chocolate Festival will dazzle your taste buds with a different drinking chocolate flavor daily! This is also a one-stop shop for our locally made artisan truffles and bars!


Dilettante’s  Mocha
Café at Westlake Center, Rainier Square, Broadway, 818 Steward, Kent Station, Sea-Tac Airport's  Central and North Terminals offer 5 different hot chocolate choices to savor. To get your hot chocolate fix served in style, go up to Capital Hill to Dilettante’s Mocha Café on 538 Broadway E and work your way through a menu with more than 25 different hot chocolaty drinks. From mochas to exquisite hot molten chocolate beverages, your taste buds journey from Vienna to Copenhagen to Turkey and –via Voltaire- back to America and then to Mexico. My personal favorite is the Cioccobreve™ – molten chocolate and half & half: one sip, and you will never be cold again.  

Frans.jpgFran’s serves her velvety smooth, heavenly chocolate at all four locations. Her hot chocolate is served in minimalist Japanese style dark and elegant earthenware cups.  Long ago, Montezuma II set forth the edict that cacao was reserved for men who went to battle. So, if you’re Christmas shopping drains you too much, refill your physical and emotional energy with a cup of Fran’s finest drinking chocolate and experience bliss. Stir the heavy liquid with a twig shaped silvery spoon, take a taste and linger for a while.  65% Venezuelan Dark Hot Chocolate will renew you. Find a whole area of truffles and confections to enjoy or give away. 1325 1st Ave, Seattle, 10036 Main St, Bellevue, 2626 NE University Village St, Seattle, Airport Way S, Seattle.

Up Queen Anne hill stop by Chocolopolis for a cup of Signature, Infused, or Premium hot chocolate. The list is long, so this may be a store to stop in often to try everything on the menu, including such options as "spicy dark", orange or peppermint oil infused, African, Colombian or Papua New Guinean hot chocolate, or you can purchase a bar there and they will create a cup of drinking chocolate with it! (1527 Queen Anne Ave. N.) Don't forget to stock up on premium chocolate bars and hand-made truffles and confections.

If you find yourself on the Eastside for some serious Holiday shopping at Bellevue Square Mall, don’t miss a stroll through the park down to Bellevue’s Old Main Street. Step into Vavako and warm up and savor a cup of Ecuadorian hot chocolate. Try out specialty truffles and bars as well.


Pacific Northwesterners don’t only wear fleece to keep warm or drink a cup of hot coffee.  They know where to go for a deep and delicious hot chocolate, too!