7 Unique Holiday Gifts for the Hiking Fanatic

By Nicky M. | Arcadia Staff

Ah, the great outdoors! For a hiker, there’s nothing like the open air and freedom of a good day’s hike to clear the mind. If you’ve struggled to find the perfect gift for the hiker in your life, never fear! Use this gift guide as inspiration for your next great hiking gift.

There’s no shortage of gear a hiker might need on any given day: From water bottles and filters to trekking poles and sleeping bags, a hiker should never head out on the trails without their necessities. But when the holidays come around, what do you do for the hiker who seems to have everything?

No matter if you’re shopping for a beginner hiker or fanatic, these gifts will be sure to encourage their love of the outdoors. With any of these gifts, a hiker can learn about new trails to explore, the history of their favorite treks, or ready their pack for their next adventure. Here are 7 great gifts sure to please any outdoorsman.

Colorado Excursions with History, Hikes and Hops1) Colorado Excursions with History, Hikes and Hops, by Ed Sealover

Colorado is replete with natural beauty, award-winning breweries, and a history that reflects its wild and rugged character. In Colorado Excursions with History, Hikes and Hops, author Ed Sealover explores some of the Centennial State’s best hiking trails, and their surrounding attractions. Split into 10 three-day guides through Colorado, Sealover showcases drinking, hiking, and historic sites of Colorado State. From Confluence Park in downtown Denver to Twin Lakes in the Central Mountains, Sealover treks through 30 of Colorado’s best hiking trails, and offers his best advice for conquering each hike along the way.


2) An Outdoor Solar Lamp

On a long hike, having a reliable light is vital once the sun falls. This outdoor solar lamp is the perfect answer to how to keep the trail lit at night. Battery-free, this portable lamp has 10 bright LEDs that are charged by sunlight alone, and is collapsible for compact transport. Best of all, this solar lamp will last up to 24 hours for even the longest of hikes!

White Mountains Hiking History: Trailblazers of the Granite State3) White Mountains Hiking History: Trailblazers of the Granite State, by Mike Dickerman

Since the time of pioneer settlers Abel and Ethan Allen Crawford, explorers and adventurers have been lured by the stunning peaks and lush valleys of New Hampshire's White Mountains. With over 1,400 miles of marked path, the White Mountain trail system is a true journey for even the most seasoned hiker. Hiking columnist Mike Dickerman explores the history of the trail in White Mountains Hiking History: Trailblazers of the Granite State, which traces nearly two centuries worth of history. One part early history and one part biography, Dickerman delves into the people and places that have created the rich history of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.


4) The Jackery Mini External Battery

In the age of technology, having a connection to the outside world is considered not only a necessity, but a safety measure. There’s no telling when a hiker might need to make an emergency call. The Jackery mini external battery ensures that your favorite hiker’s cellphone will remain fully charged in any conditions. The battery can charge a phone up to 1.5 times, and is small enough to be transported in any pack. To top it off, the charger also uses fast charging, to ensure it doesn’t take too much time to stay in contact!

Santa Ana Mountains History, Habitat and Hikes: on the Slopes of Old Saddleback and Beyond5) Santa Ana Mountains History, Habitat and Hikes: On the Slopes of Old Saddleback and Beyond, by Patrick Mitchell

The majestic Santa Ana Mountains cover one thousand square miles and much of the Cleveland National Forest in Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties. With an overview of fourteen trails to explore, Patrick Mitchell gives an able guide for any level of hiker in Santa Ana Mountains History, Habitat and Hikes: on the Slopes of Old Saddleback and Beyond. His book also explores the cultural and natural history of the Santa Ana Mountains – from the area’s first inhabitants to how to track its indigenous creatures, Mitchell’s guide is a comprehensive look at this historic California mountain range.


6) Hydro Flask

Because hiking is such a physical activity, staying hydrated is essential, especially in the heat. The Hydro Flask is the perfect way to make sure your hiker stays hydrated in the wild. With a double wall for insulation, this stainless steel water bottle will keep water cold for hours out on the trail. 32 ounces and with an adjustable straw, a Hydro Flask is a convenient and affordable item for any hiker’s day pack.

Adirondack Roots: Stories of Hiking, History and Women7) Adirondack Roots: Stories of Hiking, History and Women, by Sandra Weber

The Adirondack Mountains captivate inhabitants, fostering deep roots and rich memories. In Adirondack Roots: Stories of Hiking, History and Women, Adirondack author Sandra Weber tells stories of not only the history of the Adirondacks, but of her own experience in the mountains. She tells of her excursions in rich detail, while interweaving the history of each area she explores. Weber’s book also explores some of the historic women of the Adirondack region, making her book a delightful blend of history, hiking guide, and self-reflection.

These unique hiking gifts will light up any hiker’s holiday season. Whether brand new to hiking or an experienced trekker, these hiking books and tools will prepare them for their next trip outdoors, and ensure they’re ready for any and all obstacles on the trail.