8 Special Holiday Gifts for a Bird Hunter

By Audrey W. | Arcadia Staff
If you didn’t know that a ‘whoa post’ is meant to stop a dog from chasing after a catch, or “stopping to flush” is when a hunter pauses because they hear a bird nearby, don’t fret. You don’t have to speak the bird-hunting language to give a perfect holiday gift this season. Whether you’re shopping for a novice or veteran hunter, these gifts are unique and personalized, and will make for a memorable holiday season

Ask any hunter, and they’ll likely tell you that one of their favorite parts of hunting is the social aspect. Sharing a long day of hunting with another person can be a highlight of the experience. On this list are books that will arm your hunter with fascinating historical tidbits of the sport they love, as well as little-known knowledge that will make them a popular hunting companion.
Bird hunters take pride in their sport, as well as in the stock they carry. Here you’ll find a variety of gifts, from witty coffee mugs, to endearing personal accounts from hunters across the country.
These 8 unique holiday bird hunting gifts will speak volumes.

Wisconsin Bird Hunting Tales1) Wisconsin Bird Hunting Tales, by Ken M. Blomberg 

Wisconsin is calling to bird hunters. With the state’s sharp uptick in the bird population, there are few other places in the United States that warrant such lush hunting grounds. In Wisconsin Bird Hunting Tales, author Ken M. Blomberg recounts half a century of stories from his time spent hunting across Wisconsin. He shares tips and tricks for hunting the area with a uniquely personal charm that captures the reader’s attention. Stories brimming with charm and humor, they paint a picture of one man’s love of the Wisconsin wilderness. 

2) Bird hunting wood grain tumbler 

The bird hunting tumbler is a small stocking-sized gift for your hunter to use at home or on the go. Crafted with wood grain on a stainless steel tumbler, this gift shows an illustration of a hunter pointing toward a bird in the sky with a dog at his side. There is also an option for customization, allowing you to send a personalized message to your hunter.

Chesapeake Bay Duck Hunting Tales3) Chesapeake Bay Duck Hunting Tales, by C.L. Marshall

Bird hunting around the Chesapeake Bay is not for the faint-hearted. There are few places worth hunting that force hunters to endure frigid temperatures, damp socks, and being chilled to the bone. Such conditions are a challenge to the hunting spirit. And yet, there is something about the Chesapeake Bay that draws hunters back again and again. Perhaps it’s how the sun hits the water in the early morning, the stillness that settles over the land with the absence of a beating city, or the millions of waterfowl that find their way to these waters every year. Regardless of the motivation, hunting around the Bay is a claim to fame among bird hunters.
For more than 50 years, author C.L. Marshall has been hunting these grounds. He knows them intimately, and has shared that information in a concise and enlightening book, Chesapeake Bay Duck Hunting Tales. Through personal experiences, Marshall clues readers in to wisdom that only a hunter with many years’ experience in the area would know.

4) Maple duck call 

Why not let the ducks come to you? This maple reed duck call is what your duck hunter needs to make their hunt the best it can be. Chances are good they will be the only ones with a duck call like this. The single reed duck call promises to be the loudest and most crisp call in the woods. Made from maple, colored with shades of black and white, and polished to a gleaming 

Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting5) Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods, by Andrew Marshall Wayment 

Known for their speckled feathers and fluffed head, the ruffed grouse is an elusive and hearty bird that has entranced the minds of bird hunters for generations. The species is found in few places: Alaska, Canada, and, most notably, Idaho. The Gem States contains its own plethora of ruffed grouse, and has been attracting hunters for years. In Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods, author and seasoned hunter Andrew Marshall Wayment dives into the history of the region, offering readers the inside scoop on all things ruffed grouse in Idaho.

6) "Get to the Point" mug 

After a long day out in search of the idyllic bird, a hunter needs time to kick back and relax. Although they may not be in their hunting gear, they can still show their love for the sport and their faithful hunting companion by sipping from this mug. Painted on the mug is the catchy phrase “Get to the Point,” and a traditional hunting point dog.

Duck Hunting on Currituck Sound7) Duck Hunting on Currituck Sound: Tales from a Native Gunner, by Travis Morris 

Currituck County has a reputation that has drawn duck hunters since the late 1880s. It was at this time that they discovered a land of plentiful wildfowl. Author Travis Morris has lived in the region for his entire life, coming from a long line of hunters. For more than 60 years, he has diligently hunted the land. Duck Hunting on Currituck Sound: Tales from a Native Gunner recounts the rich history of Currituck Sound, touched with personal insights from a native gunner.

8) Bird hunting wall decal 

The classic scene of bird hunting is a dog in a grassy clearing, with a hunter aiming for a few birds flying high. This bird hunting wall decal shows just that. It inspires the hunter to personalize his or her space with a clean, easy, and affordable decal. The image is simple to apply, and works on all smooth surfaces. Uniquely made with high-quality vinyl, this bird hunting wall decal will certainly make for a heart-warming holiday gift.
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