The Ultimate Gift Guide for Fly-Fishing Fanatics

Finding the perfect gift for your fly fishermen and women can be a daunting task. Especially when buying for a fly fisher who seems to already have everything. Sometimes the latest rod and reel case or pair of polarized sunglasses just doesn’t send the heartfelt message that everyone deserves this season. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to narrow in on that superb gift that will make this year unforgettable.

There are a few rules for one to keep in mind when fly fishing:
One: Respect the resource.
Two: Don’t forget the little things - as much as a shadow on the water can give fish a scare.
Three: Learn how to read the river and the fish.
At the end of the day, for most fly fishers, it’s about keeping quiet and calm, and enjoying the peaceful solitude of casting one’s line into open water surrounded by beautiful scenery. A thoughtful holiday gift can make this time even more special.
New to the sport or a longtime fan, these gifts will spark their enthusiasm. With these items, fishers can discover the secrets of the fishing world through heartfelt stories, carry with them a personalized piece of gear, or learn about the history of some of their favorite locations. There’s something memorable for every fly fisher on this list.
Here are 7 unique and meaningful fly fishing gifts to wrangle in this holiday season.

Fly Fishing Idaho's Secret Waters1) Fly Fishing Idaho’s Secret Waters, by Chris Hunt 

Idaho’s backcountry contains a plethora of secluded streams and rivers, but even for those with the most intimate knowledge of the area, finding the perfect fishing location can prove challenging. Luckily, conservationist and author Chris Hunt has a few tips to share. Hunt has several years’ experience fishing the Idaho waters. In Fly Fishing Idaho’s Secret Waters, he shares his tips and tricks for finding the best locations within the Gem State. Through a series of personalized accounts, Hunt reveals the places in Idaho that have resonated with him most, and invites readers to share in his experience.


2) Fly fishing lanyard

Light and compact, the fly fishing lanyard makes for the perfect stocking stuffer. The fly fishing lanyard features an ideal set of accessories including scissors, forceps, nippers and more. It comes with a water-resistant fly-box and enough clips to fit additional gear. As a gift the recipient will use every time they’re out fishing, it’s both practical and thoughtful.

True Stories of Maine Fly Fisherman3) True Stories of Maine Fly Fishermen, by J.H. Hall

Dive into this collection of narratives from fly fisherman J.H. Hall. Using personal accounts of time spent on the water, Hall guides his readers through an exploration of the waterways and fishing history of Maine in True Stories of Maine Fly Fishermen. He’ll reveal his favorite places to enjoy the scenery and make a great catch. A lifelong resident and fisherman of Maine, Hall provides personal insights that hook readers from the first page.


4) Engraved fly fishing box

Carefully handcrafted from oak this engraved fly fishing box is an original design that will light up beneath the tree this season. It offers plenty of room for the recipient’s fly fishing storage needs and is compact enough to fit inside their pocket. On the lid, there’s a beautifully engraved trout with the option for personalization. This is a unique gift for any avid fly fisherman or woman.

On Fly-Fishing the Wind River Range: Essays and What Not to Bring5) On Fly-Fishing the Wind River Range: Essays And What Not to Bring, by Chadd VanZanten

More than just tips and tricks for fishing these remote waterways, On Fly-Fishing the Wind River Range: Essays And What Not to Bring chronicles a series of father-and-son backpacking trips, deep wood epiphanies and disaffected Boy Scouts. Author Chadd VanZanten recounts his travels with his son as they seek to disconnect from the city’s noise and to reconnect with nature and each other. Heartfelt and hilarious, VanZanten’s telling of the Wind Rivers is a fishing guide and history book all in one.


6) Eat, Sleep, Fish, Repeat socks

Here are a pair of socks for the days when the recipient isn’t out fly fishing. With an option for customization from the creator, this is a fun and cozy gift to treat your fly fisher to. They can sit back, relax, and read up on their next great fishing trip, all while wearing an article of clothing to show their friends and family just how much they love the sport.

On Fly-Fishing the Northern Rockies7) On Fly Fishing the Northern Rockies, by Chadd VanZanten and Russ Beck

Chadd VanZanten has once again set out to delve into the mysteries of fly fishing. This time he’s teaming up with fellow fishermen Russ Beck as together they hone in on the Northern Rockies. Deep within these impressive mountains lies miles and miles of rivers filled with fish and surrounded by beautiful sights. Together, Beck and VanZanten recount some of their favorite fishing stories in On Fly Fishing the Northern Rockies. Sometimes they’re heartfelt, sometimes they’re ironic, but they’re always filled with whip-smart insights and poetic language to capture the spirit of the sport.

No matter if your fisherman is just starting out, or seems to have everything, these fly fishing gifts will be a unique and meaningful part of the holiday season. Make this holiday the one they’ll never forget. Happy fishing!
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