My Favorite Murder, Our Favorite Book: True Crime Podcast Highlights Burger Chef Murders in Indiana

By Christen T. | Arcadia Staff
One of the editors’ favorite series at Arcadia is True Crime, and they’re not alone. The ladies at cult-favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder do, too, obviously, and this week’s episode featured one of our favorite Arcadia True Crime books of the year, The Burger Chef Murders in Indiana by Julie Young. 
Co-host Georgia Hardstark recounts the crime in the second half of the episode, beginning with a series of deceptively unrelated bombings in Speedway, Indiana in 1978 that’s highlighted by a listener story. It only gets better from there -- Georgia covers the events, theories, and other fascinating tidbits. We highly recommend listening to the full episode and since Georgia read The Burger Chef Murders in Indiana  in a single weekend, we think she’d recommend our book, too. If you’re at work or around youngsters,  make sure you have headphones in -- this podcast is definitely NSFW.

The Burger Chef Murders in Indiana book cover.

Check out the episode: Episode 196, “The Baddest of the Them All.” 
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