Halloween Haunts: 5 of our Scariest Ghost Stories

By Nicky M. | Arcadia Staff
There’s nothing like a good ghost story. Whether told in the total dark, or with a flashlight in hand, a ghost story can be both entertaining and frightful for its listeners. And America is full of ghost stories just waiting to be told. In honor of this Halloween, we’ve put together 5 of our most haunted books.

Haunted Boston Harbor book cover.1) Haunted Boston Harbor, by Sam Baltrusis

Ghosts lurk in the waters near Boston's historic seaport, haunting the secluded islands scattered throughout the harbor. The Lady in Black is known on George’s Island, where the story of her daring but ill-fated rescue of her Confederate husband is told to this day. And on Long Island, there’s the mysterious case of the Woman in Scarlet Robes. Haunted Boston Harbor shines a light on these and other stories, with many a ghost tale for your next campfire.


Haunted Roanoke book cover.2) Haunted Roanoke, by L.B. Taylor Jr.

Roanoke, in the heart of southwestern Virginia, is one of the most haunted cities in the commonwealth. The Star City is brimming with eerie and unexplainable stories, such as the legendary "Woman in Black," who appeared several times in 1902 but only to married men on their way home at night. In Haunted Roanoke, the ghosts of the ill-fated colony are finally laid to rest with author L.B. Taylor Jr., who carefully catalogues each of the chilling tales.


Haunted Santa Cruz, California book cover.3) Haunted Santa Cruz, California, by Maryanne Porter

Though generally a peaceful coastal city, the dark stains from Santa Cruz's past still linger. The city once known as “the Murder Capital of the World” has plenty of ghosts who haunt its alleys and corners – from the victims of three serial killers, to the ghost of a young drowned girl. With residents and inspirations like the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, there’s no shortage of stories to explore in Haunted Santa Cruz, California.


Capitol Hill Haunts book cover.4) Capitol Hill Haunts, by Tim Krepp

From the Demon Cat that stalks the Washington crypt to the restless spirit of John Quincy Adams in Statuary Hall, it is no wonder that in 1898 the Philadelphia Press declared the Capitol to be the most thoroughly haunted building in the world. But the Capitol Building isn’t the only place to find ghosts in America’s most historic city. In Capitol Hill Haunts, author Tim Krepp explores all the tales of the supernatural and spirits in the District, from Navy Yard to the Congressional Cemetery.


Haunted Dallas book cover.5) Haunted Dallas, by Rita Cook

Tales of the strange and supernatural echo through the halls and city streets of the Big D. In a city such as Dallas, history lends itself well to ghosts – from ghosts in its theaters, where curtains seem to lower themselves, to the site where a successful assassin once aimed at JFK. In Haunted Dallas, author Rita Cook looks into each of these ghostly specters, and discovers the truth behind some of the Texas heartland’s scariest stories.

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