An Interview with Janice Oberding, judge for the Halloween story contest

An Interview with Janice Oberding 

Judge for the Halloween story contest and author of Haunted Lake Tahoe

Capture-(2).JPGYou’ve written several books for our Haunted series, including Haunted Virginia City, Haunted Reno, Ghosts of Goldfield and Tonopah, and your most recent book, Haunted Lake Tahoe. What sparked your interest in ghostly tales? I grew up listening to my grandmother's ghost and haunted house stories. My family's library was made up of books on many different subjects and included the monthly FATE magazine of paranormal and unknown, and books on ghost tales.

Is there one particularly spine-tingling story that has stuck with you over the years? I would have to say that of Chicago's Resurrection Mary, the ghostly hitchhiker. The phenomena of picking up a ghostly passenger is more common than we might like to think. Resurrection Mary's story has always fascinated me. 

We’ve learned that you teach a Ghosthunting 101 class at Truckee Me
adows Community College! Can you give us your top 5 ghosthunting tips? 

Use a common sense approach to ghosthunting.
       1. Don't go ghosthunting alone. Two good reasons are of course the safety issue and the fact that if you should encounter a ghost or gather spectacular evidence, it is always nice to have a witness.
       2. Don't expect that you will ALWAYS witness and experience ghostly activity. You won't.
       3. Bring extra batteries.  Ghosts love to drain the batteries of cameras and other equipment.
       4. Never, ever, ever trespass. No matter how intriguing the haunted location might be. You just might end up spending the night in jail which probably won’t be any fun, even if it is said to be haunted. 
       5. Research your location BEFORE starting out. This way you will have a better understanding of what to expect. 

What is your favorite spooky movie or book? As you might expect I really like this genre.  I really enjoy regional ghost and haunting books for the entertainment and the information they provide. Spooky movie, I like the black and white classics. Favorite would be the old Bela Lugosi Dracula movie. And books, I'm an avid reader and have so many favorites, but would say probably be Stephen King's Christine, about an evil presence possessing a car.