Welcome to Our New Home!


Dear Friends and Readers, 

We’re so excited to share with you the new home of Arcadia Publishing and The History Press! 
You’ll notice some major renovations and redecorating on the website, including this blog where you can get a sneak peek at upcoming books, browse exclusive author content, read about company news and staff picks, and connect with us through social media. 
Here are five things we know you’ll love about the new website:

• Homepage—at a glance, see new titles and bestsellers
• Geo-locating search tool—this powerful yet simple search feature discovers books by zip code
• Series page—easily peruse more than 40 series published by Arcadia and The History Press
• Community corner—sneak a peek of new releases, exclusive book content, and guest author blogs
• Deals—take advantage of special website sales, free shipping, exclusive e-book deals, and more

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Happy reading!
Your friends at Arcadia Publishing and The History Press


Posted: 10/1/2015| with 2 comments

Some book titles do not show up on map under "Explore." Also, authors used to be able to see how many of their books were in stock before placing an order. That will now require making unnecessary phone calls to determine how soon to order before the stock is depleted and to allow time for reprinting. Maybe showing the number of books available like Amazon.com does would be helpful.
10/2/2015 1:14:24 PM

New website is looking great! A few links at top of various web pages not working on this first day. Subscription page is confusing with so many choices for users of previous system. Also, "member" is spelled incorrectly. Explore feature appears not to work, or perhaps is over-loaded. Not finding a "search" function?
10/1/2015 8:23:09 PM

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