How I Discovered I was a Spirit Medium

Author Erin Wallace knew from a young age that she was different from most people. Raised in San Antonio, she was only five years old when she was first visited by a spirit. Read on to learn more about Erin’s first encounter as a medium, and how it’s influenced her life and new book, Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel!

As a young child around the age of five or so, I came down with a debilitating illness. Due to my high fevers I began to suffer intense convulsions. Although the spells were brief, they would leave me terrified and fatigued. After enduring one of these attacks I grew exhausted and very much needed sleep. Out of fear of another tremor I was scared to close my eyes.

A picture of the author from Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel.
[A picture of the author from Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel. Reprinted from Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel by Erin O. Wallace courtesy of Jim Ghedi (pg. 89, The History Press, 2018).]

I laid there in my tiny bed fighting sleep, when a silhouette of a tall man began to appear. As he walked closer towards my bed a sense of calm came over me. Oddly enough I was not frightened in any way.  When he reached the side of my bed, he placed his hand over my eyes causing me to instantly fall asleep. Miraculously when I woke the next morning, my fever was gone and the seizures never returned. It was a beautiful experience that I remember clearly even today. When I shared this experience with my mother, she simply smiled and told me an angel had watched over me. Being an impressionable young child from that day forth I saw spirits as merely angels sent down to earth to watch over us when in need.

A newspaper clipping about the Magnolia Hotel.
[A newspaper clipping about the Magnolia Hotel. Reprinted from Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel by Erin O. Wallace courtesy of the author (pg. 46, The History Press, 2018).]

With my mother’s incredible psychic abilities and comfort around the spirit realm I was raised to believe that spirits were not to be feared. Instead they were to be celebrated for honoring me with their presence. After purchasing the Magnolia Hotel, on day one of our ownership the spirits began to come forward. During the five years of lovingly restoring the building, my husband and I have grown accustomed to the numerous spirits who continue to reside at the hotel.

Though we know who most are by their given name and the history of their past lives, it had been a slow process of communicating, researching, identifying and assisting them. Some reside at the hotel by choice, some are still seeking help and one is bound due to his past crimes while living. It is my goal to help each and every one of them as best as I can.

The Magnolia hotel before restoration.
[The Magnolia hotel before restoration. Reprinted from Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel by Erin O. Wallace courtesy of Llamar Vasquez Photography (pg. 52, The History Press, 2018).]

As my husband and I continue to restore this amazing 178 year old building we discover more and more fascinating historic facts. The previous owners from 1840 to present all had some form of connection. Whether it was by bloodline, marriage, or friendship, each owner knew the previous in some way. For me it is through my ancestor, the famous “Texas Ranger “Big Foot” Wallace who had been close friends with the second owner’s son-in-law, Captain John “Jack” Coffee Hays. I completely believe that there are no coincidences in life and my path was destined to discover this hidden gem, save it from demolition and to assist the spirits who continue to reside at the Magnolia Hotel only wishing to have their story told.

About the Author:

Erin O. Wallace is married to her high school sweetheart, James “Jimmy” William Ghedi. Erin is a fifth generation Texan born in San Antonio, Texas. She is deeply proud of being a descendant of the famous Texas Ranger, William Alexander Anderson “Big Foot” Wallace and Nicolas Zuercher, one of the founding families of New Braunfels. With her deep passion for history and genealogy she became a local historian, museum curator, journalist, history editor, published author and an award winning syndicated genealogical columnist. Her love of history and genealogy were always her first choice of conversation but speaking of the mysteries of hauntings was never far behind. Being born to a parent with extreme psychic abilities, the supernatural was impossible for her to avoid. Erin did not acquire her mother’s psychic capabilities, but was blessed with the ability as a Medium. It is this gift and her love for the Magnolia Hotel for which the spirits have entrusted her with their deepest, darkest secrets.

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