Gift Guide for History Buffs


If the history buff in your life is like most enthusiasts, they’ve spent hours of their time devouring generalized history texts about their favorite events, topics, and areas of interest. However, books like those rarely tell the reader the whole story. That’s where the right regional history books come in.
Regional history books allow the reader to delve deeper into their favorite topics with intimate firsthand accounts of history’s most important events. They reveal information and insights on important events that affected communities across the country. That said, if your favorite history aficionado hasn’t already discovered local interest literature, it’s high time they did.
For the Ethnic Historians
Regional ethnic history books can help those interested in learning more about the lives of their ancestors, and our expansive catalog is positively packed with options. Put together a gift package of books that explore your recipients’ heritage and hometowns to help them learn more.
Do you know someone who is more interested in studying a specific history in order to get to know another culture better? It’s easy to assemble a collection of volumes that explore the histories of different immigrant cultures and how they influenced hundreds of different towns across America.
Think the people you’re buying for might prefer more of a varied selection as far as the cultures explored? Feel free to browse our ethnic bestsellers for some awesome ideas.
For the Culinary Historians
People who love nothing better than a fantastic meal or a great cocktail are great candidates for gifts that help them explore culinary history. The following are just a few of the angles you could consider when choosing options.
Agriculture: Foodies are becoming increasingly interested in where their food comes from. If that sounds like your recipients, consider treating them to a volume on the history of agriculture in their local region or favorite vacation destination.
Regional Cuisine: Help the food history buffs in your life expand their mind with a book that explores the origins of their favorite regional cuisine. Our catalog also features volumes that trace the backstories of local restaurants, regional food truck culture, vintage diner culture, and more.
Beer and Wine: We also stock a wealth of options that explore regional winemaking and brewing culture. Treat beer lovers to a book on the history of brewing in Milwaukee or wine lovers to an inside look at their favorite Napa Valley vineyards.
For the Sports Historians
If your friends and family are into sports, then they’ve probably spent their share of time researching stats and origin stories of their favorite games. Introduce them to an entirely new facet of their favorite topics with an inside look at how communities, neighborhoods, and cities across the country approach sports.
Got baseball lovers on your hands? Treat them to a closer look at the regional history of baseball with volumes that explore the origins of their favorite college teams or introduce them to little-known trailblazers. Know someone who is all about hockey? How about a book on the history of the New York Rangers or the backstory behind Detroit’s Olympia Stadium? We’ve got multiple books on basketball, horse racing, NASCAR, and more as well.
For the Imaginative Historians
Do you know someone who loves the type of story that gets their imagination racing? Have they always been interested in local legends and cultural myths? Do they enjoy a good, scary ghost story once in a while? We’ve got the perfect regional history gifts for that person as well.
Inspire your recipients’ next amateur ghost hunting expeditions with some selections from our acclaimed Haunted America series. Help them whet their appetite for local lore with volumes that cover the regional legends attached to their hometown or best-loved cities. Tickle their interest in the dark side of history with a closer look at famous crimes and dastardly deeds associated with their area, as well.
Of course, these are just a few of the many stellar gift ideas just waiting to be discovered here at Arcadia. Let your fingers do the walking and see what other gems are waiting for you. You’re sure to find something that seems as if it was written with your special person in mind. Happy hunting!