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When we picture the events that made America everything that it is today, we tend to think mostly of the triumphs. Legendary war victories, life-changing discoveries, and innovations that altered the course of history forever are just a few broad examples. However, it’s important to understand that how a people overcomes adversity is just as much a part of what makes them great. Reading up on the history of disasters in America can teach you how.

Get to Know America with Disaster History Books

You really do find out what a society is truly made of when disaster strikes, and the people of America are certainly no exception. That said, a well-curated disaster history book collection is a priceless introduction to the mistakes we’ve made (and ultimately learned from). It’s a way to learn how Americans have overcome natural catastrophes over the years, as well.

Learn about the historic events that changed some of America’s most important cities and communities forever. Get to know the people that were part of rebuilding efforts and critical technological advancements. Even experience the bittersweet beauty of photography that captures American cities during and after untold destruction.

Arcadia Publishing Is Your Ticket to a Comprehensive Study of Disaster History

While studying the effects of disaster on society on a broader scale is certainly a great way to start your journey, it’s important not to underestimate the value of local interest literature. Arcadia Publishing is home to one of the most comprehensive regional interest catalogs available anywhere.

Explore the riveting personal stories of those that survived American dam disasters, mining accidents, catastrophic fires, and more. Learn all the details behind how some of history’s most daunting events shaped cities across the country – cities like Augusta, San Francisco, Chicago, and Richmond. Dig deeply into your own community’s experiences with disaster over the years. Really get to know the triumph of the American spirit on an entirely new level today! .

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