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When you think of what makes America not only great, but unique, what concepts spring immediately to mind? You might picture our tenacity, our enduring spirit as a people, or our penchant for innovation. However, no picture of America’s positive qualities is complete without an acknowledgment of our diversity. America is known the world over as “the great melting pot” for a reason – the many ethnic groups that are inseparable parts of American society and history.

Get to Know America by Getting to Know American Ethnic History

It’s really not possible to say you know all there is to know about American history without having studied America’s many ethnic communities. Immigrants were and still are an important part of our identity as a country. They’ve shaped our communities and helped to give America a heartbeat in countless ways, as have their descendants.

Let American ethnic history books imbue you with a deeper, richer understanding of the many cultural groups that helped to give your own community its one-of-a-kind identity. Learn more about the roles people of Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Eastern European, Asian, or Latino descent played in the development of America as a whole. Get to know the legacies of your own ancestors.

Explore the Intricacies of American Ethnic History with Arcadia Publishing

When it comes to regional interest books, Arcadia Publishing is the way to go. With thousands of titles to choose from, Arcadia’s exceptionally comprehensive catalog is the ideal way to get to know hundreds of ethnic groups from all of America’s communities.

Explore your own cultural or community heritage in rich detail. Absorb the personal stories of immigrants from all over the globe and discover how they shaped the cities they came to inhabit. Even get to know some of our nation’s most famous personages of ethnic descent. Your perception of the country you know and love so well will never be the same.

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