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Would Boston really be the same place without its famous clam chowder? Can you picture Napa Valley without also picturing the amazing wines it’s known for? Would Milwaukee still be Milwaukee without its breweries? What about Wisconsin without its world famous cheeses?

No study of a given region in America would be complete without an in-depth analysis of the food and drink it’s famous for. Building a collection of excellent food and drink history books can help you get started.

Get to Know the Cuisines Each Part of America Is Famous For

The American approach to food and drink is nothing if not diverse. Each region, every city, has its own unique collection of dishes, cocktails, and techniques that are part of its identity. That’s exactly why Americans are so passionate about what goes into making the best pizza, burger, or martini. It’s about being proud of where you come from and appreciating your area’s unique approach to life.

Food and drink history books can help you develop a new understanding of how each region’s cuisine came to be what it is. Explore New Mexico’s approach to chilis, New England’s philosophy on pies, and the unique restaurant scene in Madison, Wisconsin. Uncover the rich histories behind farmer’s markets and community supported agriculture. Gain a new understanding of your own city’s culinary history.

Let Arcadia Be Your Guide to Regional History

Arcadia Publishing’s catalog of detailed, respected literature on regional food and drink is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world. Explore every aspect of food and drink as it relates to your region of interest. Research favorite dishes and local ingredients. Discover the influence immigrants had on each of America’s most noteworthy approaches to food and drink.

With Arcadia Publishing as your guide, there are no limits on what you can learn about this wonderful country of ours. Experience the American legacy from an entirely new angle today!

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