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If you’re into horses, then you don’t need to be told why people are so crazy about them. Not only are horses one of the world’s most majestic animals in existence, but horseback riding and horse racing are great American traditions. Enhance your own passion for all things equine by undertaking a serious study of American equine history today.

Discover the Rich Histories Behind Equine Pastimes in America

Horses are so much more than just gorgeous, majestic animals. They’re also important parts of American history at large. In fact, America wouldn’t be the same wonderful country without them. Start your exploration of American equine history with a study of one of the earliest transportation methods – the horse-drawn carriage. Are you just as into raising horses as you are riding them or watching races? Explore the history of horse breeding in key American locations like Tennessee.

There’s plenty to discover and marvel at when you start studying the history of horse racing in America. Learn all about the history of thoroughbreds in beautiful central Florida. Check out the legacies of some of the nation’s greatest venues, including but not limited to Suffolk Downs and California’s Del Mar Racetrack. Discover the backstories behind steeplechase and rodeo, absorb the history of major horses, and get to know the country’s greatest jockeys in history.

Arcadia Publishing: Regional Interest History Done Properly

Arcadia Publishing features one of America’s largest and most widely trusted catalogs of local interest history literature available anywhere. Equine-related topics include but are not limited to horses, horse racing, and horse breeding.

Finally get answers to all of your questions about equine history. Present another equine enthusiast with a collection of new books that’s just perfect for their personal library. Enjoy gorgeous collections of vintage photography. With Arcadia books as part of your world, your journey into American equine history is off to an excellent start.

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