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American history as we know it quite simply wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the many immigrants that have made their homes here over the centuries. This is just as much the case when it comes to the Irish as it is any other cultural group.

In fact, Irish culture is so large a part of American culture at large that everyone is familiar with certain traditions such as St. Patrick’s Day. An in-depth study of Irish American history can help you develop an even greater appreciation for the contributions of the Irish to American culture over the years.

Get to Know Irish American History in Detail

Whether you’re looking to learn more about your own Irish background or simply want to explore a new facet of American history, regional interest literature can help you explore it properly. Learn about each of America’s largest and most important Irish communities in detail. Discover the fascinating personal stories of notable Irish Americans throughout the ages.

Are you one of the millions of Americans that absolutely loves Irish pubs? Explore the rich history of the Chicago area’s historic Irish pubs in particular. Learn about the Nativist Riots of Philadelphia, explore the influence of Irish culture on country music, view riveting historical photographs, and more.

Arcadia Publishing: America’s Finest Source for Local Interest History Literature

Arcadia Publishing’s impressive catalog of volumes is America’s go-to source for regional interest topics of all kinds, up to and including the cultural influences and contributions of immigrants in America.

Learn about how the Irish contributed to your own home region or favorite American cities. Dig deeper into the personal struggles of our country’s earliest Irish residents. Explore American history as you’ve never seen it before through the eyes of one of America’s most legendary cultures today!

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