Wildsam Field Guides A Field Guide to the Moon

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Here's a first--a travel guide to the ultimate destination: the Moon. For all of human history, the Moon has captured the world's imagination. In this tribute volume, Wildsam explores the shared wonder of our celestial neighbor via archival storytelling, astronomical insight, essays, interviews and expert insights. Discover the shared history of man and the moon through science, exploration, spirituality, geopolitics, and prose, including: Essential lunar facts including geology, surface features, and viewing practices; The moon's role and impact on everything from myth, scripture, and poetry to science fiction, conspiracy theories, and geopolitics; Interviews with Apollo astronauts, NASA officials, planetary scientists, and eclipse chasers; Stories from bestselling authors and luminaries like Hanif Abdurraqib, Mary Roach, Annette Gordon-Reed, and more.
ISBN: 9780578594187
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wildsam
Images: 200
Pages: 144
Taylor Bruce is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wildsam Field Guides. He grew up on his family farm on the border of Georgia and Alabama. Taylor studied writing at Vanderbilt University, and, after, wrote freelance for magazines such as Men's Journal, Oxford American and National Geographic Adventure, among others. He took a full-time writer's post at Southern Living in 2007. After moving to New York and pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Brooklyn College, Taylor launched Wildsam out of his 500-square foot apartment in 2012. The original Nashville guide caught the attention of national media and thoughtful travelers alike, and in 2015, National Geographic awarded Wildsam the "Traveler 50" award. Taylor lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Robin, and two sons, Booker and Truett.
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