Loudoun County: People and Places
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Although geography plays a significant role in a place's identity, it is the people and their stories that make an area special. Loudoun County is one such place, a county known for its charm and unique personality. Over the past 250 years, the county has drawn a truly eclectic population from across the world, and these different immigrant groups have shaped the county's history with their churches, schools, and businesses—all still clearly visible into the twenty-first century. Loudoun County: People and Places highlights the everyday life of its citizens throughout the county, capturing in word and image the local flavor of Leesburg and the county's many historic towns and villages. Possessing a strong religious presence, Loudoun County is dotted with many old churches, representing a wide network of beliefs and faiths, and this volume takes readers on an extraordinary visual tour showcasing their beautiful exteriors and diverse architectural styles. Throughout the rest of the work, readers will encounter scenes of forgotten one-room schoolhouses, posed snapshots of early faculty members and students, and different views around the county that capture early businesses, local celebrations, and famous homes. This book also features a chapter on the photographs of Winslow Williams, a prolific local studio photographer whose work has preserved many scenes and familiar faces around the county.
Arcadia Publishing
: 9780738505633
: Arcadia Publishing
: 05/23/2000
: Virginia
: Images of America
: 200
: 128
: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)
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About the author
Capturing a wide range of life throughout the county, author Mary Fishback, on behalf of the Thomas Balch Library Commission, has created a wonderful companion piece to her first book, Loudoun County: 250 Years of Towns and Villages. Whether longtime natives or newcomers to the area, readers of all ages will find Loudoun County: People and Places a valuable visual record chronicling the personal side of this historic Virginia county.
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