Twelve miles outside Pittsburgh, down the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad tracks toward the old train station, is a local treasure: the town of Coraopolis. The gems of the community are the people, whose simple lifestyle and persevering spirits show their impressive ability to adapt over the years. Originally a grant of land consisting of 300 acres, the area was given to early settlers as a gift in the name of peace and thankfulness. In 1886, the community officially became a borough, and the town of Coraopolis was born. Coraopolis features 100 years of history, documenting the community's experiences, including the great flood of 1936, celebrations and triumphs, social clubs and classic sporting events, and the days of Consolidated Glass. These memories clearly demonstrate the integrity of this admired community.
Arcadia Publishing
: 9780738554839
: Arcadia Publishing
: 08/01/2007
: Pennsylvania
: Images of America
: 200 Black And White
: 128
: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)
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About the author
The Coraopolis Historical Society and Gia Tatone met in the local caf© known as Kerri's where they discovered a shared enthusiasm for the town of Coraopolis and its exuberant history. A team was formed, and the journey of sharing the legacy of the town and its heritage through this project began.
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