Souvenir of Daytonia

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Daytonians hold in profound reverence the memories of their forefathers, who risked their lives and their fortunes in subduing the unbroken forest and its savage denizens, and in laying strong, wide, and deep the foundations of a city which to-day contains as many elements of advancement, and is endowed with as many of the attributes of genuine happiness, as any city in the United States. There is a just cause for congratulation in the growth and development of Dayton. Its magnificence is a crowning monument to the enlightenment and progresssiveness of its citizens—a devout, law-abiding, and upright people, whose stalwart and robust Americanism constitutes their chief excellence. It is no such Americanism as turns up its pantaloons every time it rains in London, or affects a pronunciation of our glorious tongue unknown to lexicons, but presumed to be an echo of the British Isles. Far from it. Dayton proudly boasts of an exalted citizenship, imbued with the spirit of an undying loyalty to country, whose pride and inspiration are not in Frederick the Great, or Louis XIV, or William the Conqueror; not in a hero of England, or of Germany, or of France, or of Ireland, but in George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
ISBN: 9780738594866
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
State: Ohio
Series: Marula
Images: 30
Pages: 74
Dimensions: 6 (w) x 9 (h)
Originally published in 1896.
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