Justin Wilson's Cajun Fables

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Combine classic Mother Goose with a south Louisiana setting and the artistry of renowned Cajun humorist Justin Wilson, and the result is a captivating book that will delight children and adults of all ages.
ISBN: 9780882893624
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
State: Louisiana
Images: 31
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5 (w) x 11 (h)
During his lifetime, Justin Wilson was much more than a Louisianan chef. In fact, for much of his life, he didn't consider himself a chef. Wilson was the first to say that he was a Cajun cook-not a chef. He was a humorist-not a comedian-who appeared on television programs across the country, including The Tonight Show. Born in 1914, Wilson started his career as a safety engineer, who traveled across the state to give lectures to refinery workers. During these lectures, Wilson realized that he had a talent for telling Cajun humor, and from there, his career as a humorist grew. Wilson appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and began to tell stories and cook Cajun cuisine for a living. Wilson learned much of what he knew about cooking from his Cajun mother. He took that knowledge, developed his personal cooking style, and helped to pioneer the Cajun food craze that caught the country by storm when he appeared at the ABA in 1974. Politically active, Justin Wilson became one of Louisiana's most iconic men in the twentieth century. He spent more than three decades producing cookbooks, entertaining people of all ages with his jokes, and teaching people from Los Angeles to New York how to cook Cajun. His twenty-seven comedy albums have charmed audiences everywhere, at one point even outselling Elvis Presley! Wilson died in 2001 in Pike County, Mississippi.
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