Horses in Gray: Famous Confederate Warhorses

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Discover the horses of the Civil War! ]Never before has there been such a comprehensive look at Confederate military horses in the Civil War and their lives before, during, and after battle. Why particular breeds or colors were chosen for specific tasks, what the life expectancy of military horses was and why they died, and the distinct challenges of caring for horses in wartime conditions are all covered. Chapters focus on how they were acquired by their owners, their lineages, the stories behind their names, and the ways in which they were immortalized. Robert E. Lee’s Traveller, Stonewall Jackson’s Little Sorrel, Forrest’s thirty horses, Ashby’s Tom Telegraph, and many more are included in this must-read history.
ISBN: 9781455623273
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Images: 19
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 6 (w) x 9 (h)
J. D. R. Hawkins has dedicated years of extensive research to telling engaging and informative stories of the War Between the States in her award-winning series The Renegades. A member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Hawkins has participated in Civil War reenactments and has spoken about Confederate commanders' battle strategies. She also holds memberships in the International Women's Writing Guild, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and Pikes Peak Writers. Hawkins earned a BS in journalism–advertising and a minor in ad design from Iowa State University. Her first novel, A Beckoning Hellfire, received both Publisher's Choice and Editor's Choice awards, and her second novel, A Beautiful, Glittering Lie, received the 2013 John Esten Cooke Fiction Award and the B.R.A.G. Medallion. In addition to her love of writing, her personal interests include music, gardening, painting, and volunteering, having previously volunteered for the Colorado Horse Rescue. Hawkins and her husband live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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