Sometimes Even Elephants Forget: A Story about Alzheimer's Disease for Young Children

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Author Kathleen Welch, a member of the Core Committee for developing the Louisiana Alzheimer's State Plan, and her husband, illustrator Alan McGillivray, provide a child's perspective in their tale for little ones experiencing Alzheimer's and dementia in their family. As the elder elephant and her young grandson spend the day together, she forgets her hat, loses her brush, gets lost, confuses her grandson's name, and tells stories of things that happened long ago as if they just occurred. When danger threatens, her love for her family shines through the clouds of her memory and she remembers things she learned as a child. The author provides a guide to further discussion with young children and a resource list for families facing this devastating disease.
ISBN: 9781455624690
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Images: 31
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5 (w) x 11 (h)
Author Kathleen Welch is an adjunct professor teaching courses in public health at both the University of New England and Tulane University. Before earning her PhD in global health, epidemiology, and sociology from Tulane University in New Orleans, she earned a master’s in public health at Tulane and an MA in education and a BA in Russian language and literature from Ohio State University. Her peer-reviewed articles on health issues have appeared in major medical journals across the country. Welch is a member of the Core Committee for developing the Louisiana Alzheimer’s State Plan and was designated an Alzheimer’s Association Ambassador for Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana. She is a recipient of the American Psychiatric Association’s Public Affairs Network Award for developing “The Psychiatrist Is in City Park,” a campaign to destigmatize mental illness. A member of Delta Omega, the honor society in public health, and a named Fulbright Scholar, Welch uses her love of the arts to convey serious messages. Her husband, Alan McGillivray, helps her in these endeavors.
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