Eccentric Tales of Boring, Oregon

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The town of Boring has seen more than its fair share of interesting events since its founding in 1903. From secretly hiring an up-and-coming boxer to fight the town bully to the time firecrackers were blamed for burning down half the town, memorable moments abound. Discover the story of the wild man who lived in the woods and the attempts of Prohibition-era moonshiners to evade the law. Uncover the true identity of the Wild West Gang and the real story of a runaway train loaded with potatoes. Join author Bruce Haney as he explores the peculiar tales of an exciting town.
ISBN: 9781467148351
Format: Paperback
Publisher: The History Press
State: Oregon
Images: 48
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 6 (w) x 9 (h)
Bruce Haney has often been referred to as the town historian for Boring. He gives a monthly speech about the history of Boring and runs a popular history group called Boring Oregon History. Bruce lives in Oregon, where he enjoys spending time with his friends, going to local theater and spending much of his time behind a computer researching the history of the town of Boring, his family tree, the history of rock-and-roll and whatever else he is currently interested in.
More About This Book