Florida Scams

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We all know about Florida's sun, surf, and senior citizen population, but what do we know about its seedy underbelly? It is a fact that Florida's loophole-laden tax laws and laissez-faire attitude have attracted all kinds of swindlers, from the garden variety con man to criminals as infamous as Al Capone. It is also a fact that Vic Knight knows virtually all there is to know about every one of them. As a tenth-generation Floridian, Knight has abundant personal knowledge of Florida history, which augments his wealth of research on scams. Taking the immortal words of his Papa Johnson and Papa Knight, he has compiled a set of Grandaddy's Rules that can help a person see through the "smooth-talking jaspers" who over the years have bamboozled victims out of billions of dollars. Witty, informal, and sprinkled with down-home Florida vernacular, Knight's tales of the strange educate as they delight. Shady characters like mayor/preacher/convicted felon Oyster King Willie Popham, the fictitious Prince Michael of Austria, and "the mysterious fifty-dollar tipper" carry off a potpourri of scams involving everything from luxury cars to ostrich eggs to phony tax returns. Knight explains how Boca Raton is a city based on the scam, like Treasure Island, whose very name comes from the scam that put it on the map. These cons attract scores of people because they seem fool-proof; but remember Grandaddy's Rule #3:"Nobody ever pulled a rabbit out of a hat without carefully puttin' one in there first." Victor M. Knight, a successful radio-station owner turned Florida guru, is a busy lecturer and television-show host.
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Vic Knight is a rare find in Florida, he's a native. Not only was he born in the Sunshine State, but so were nine generations ahead of him, going back to 1785 when Florida was still a Spanish colony. His forefathers have been founding fathers of some of Florida's communities. He even speculates that his grandfather sat in the same state senate that Henry Flager supposedly paid off for a bill that would allow him to divorce his wife. With a family history like that, there is no doubt that Knight is a real Florida cracker. However, it is not his writings that have made him famous from peninsula to panhandle. Knight is best known for his speaking appearances and as the voice of Big Band Radio of the Palm Beaches. Over more than 22 years in radio, he has been a deejay, band leader, general manager, and owner of four stations in Delray Beach, Gainesville, and Daytona Beach. Knight has sold off all but WDBF in Delray Beach. It remains the home base for his syndicated big band radio show